“Hana One Q K League 1 2023” held at Incheon Football Stadium

Pohang went on an expedition with a severe power leak due to injuries. Even Hong Yoon-sang, who recently emerged as a troubleshooter, was transferred to the U-22 national team, deepening his agony. Accordingly, only five U-22 players (Ko Young-joon, Kim Joon-ho, Park Hyung-woo, Park Gun-woo, and Choi Hyun-woong) were listed in the Pohang entry. As expected, it was not an easy game. Pohang suffered a loss crisis as it dedicated a number of opportunities in the first half. This trend continued until the middle of the second half, creating anxiety.

However, Pohang overcame it like Pohang. In the 16th minute of the second half, Kim Seung-dae, who received Zeka’s through pass, made a penalty kick (PK). And Zecca took the lead as a kicker, shaking the net. And he won the game by making an additional goal. In the 38th minute of the second half, Chun Sung-hoon’s handball foul came out in a corner kick situation, and Wandelson came out as a kicker and split the net. Since then, he has won the clean sheet victory by blocking Incheon’s onslaught.

After the game, manager Kim Ki-dong said, “You can see it on the listThere were five Shippy 22-year-old players. Young players performed well in the big game, held out as intended and finished well. In the second half, he tried to change the flow of the game and proceeded well as planned. It was a difficult game. There were many difficult foreign players against them. “The players overcame it and got three valuable points on the road,” he expressed joy.

Kim Ki-dong and the children obtained a valuable result called “Final A Confirmed” as a result of this day. There are now four games left until the 33rd round, and there is no team that can catch up with Pohang below the 7th place. Amid tight competition, Pohang won the Final A ticket the second early.

In fact, it was not easy to expect Pohang to perform so well. Although “master” Kim Ki-dong is holding out, there was a departure of key players from the winter transfer market. In addition, as many injuries occurred during the season, the squad became thinner.

However, Pohang advanced without hesitation, defeating all unfavorable conditions. And he is in second place with only four losses until the 29th round. Since head coach Kim Ki-dong took the helm, Pohang has recorded 14 losses (16 wins and 8 draws) in the 2019 season, 7 losses in the 2020 season (15 wins and 5 draws, 27 games shortened by Corona), 16 losses (12 wins and 10 draws) in the 2021 season, and 10 losses (16 wins and 12 draws) in the 2022 season. Compared to the previous seasons, this year is the best pace ever. 토토사이트

With the confirmation of the Final A, I feel more relaxed. Pohang has a very tight schedule from September. The Asian Champions League group stage will begin, and there will also be the semifinals of the FA Cup in November. Depending on the goal setting, it has the advantage of being able to strategically take league management. Pohang has risen to the position where other teams will envy and aim. Pohang’s speeding is currently in progress.

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