Garrett Cole worst case scenario avoided, at least 2 months rehab with therapy and rest, not TJS

After missing spring training with an elbow injury, the New York Yankees’ Gerrit Cole has avoided the worst-case scenario of surgery.

ESPN reported on Friday (April 15) that the Yankees organization received some positive news today. Gerrit Cole will not need Tommy John surgery (TJS), at least for now. He was examined in Los Angeles by (Cullan-Jove Orthopedics) Dr. Neil Elatrache and given the opinion after being examined on his right elbow,” ESPN reported.

‘Cole has been advised to rest and undergo noninvasive(非侵襲的-noninvasive) treatment, and will be out of action for at least a month, sources said. The Yankees have not yet laid out a plan for when Cole will return, the source added.

Assuming he takes a month to rest and heal, and another month to get stronger, he’s not expected to return until mid-May.

Cole’s elbow soreness came after he threw 47 pitches in three innings in a simulated game on Aug. 8. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said on Dec. 12, “He’s not feeling like he did after throwing 100 pitches during the season. “He doesn’t normally feel the discomfort he’s feeling right now when he throws 45 to 55 pitches,” Boone explained.

His recovery was slow. Cole met with Dr. Elatrache today after undergoing a series of MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays.

Cole made his first appearance in an exhibition game against Toronto on Feb. 2, throwing 39 pitches in two innings, allowing three runs on four hits, including a home run. There has been some talk that he has struggled to get healthy since the start of spring training.

The New York Post reported on March 13 that Cole, who is dealing with a mystery injury, is unlikely to be ready for Opening Day, saying, “The results of an MRI on Cole’s elbow are still pending, but even if the ligaments are clear, there isn’t enough time to get him ready for the March 29 opener in Houston.

Cole would end up on the disabled list for at least a month or two after the season opener. But it’s the best of both worlds, as he doesn’t need TJS, the worst-case scenario for an elbow ligament injury.

Cole was a prime example of a pitcher who could stay healthy in the majors. From 2017 through last year, when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he pitched seven consecutive regulation innings. He’s been on the disabled list once during that time, when he tested positive for the coronavirus in August 2021 and missed about a month. It’s also been about seven years and seven 카지노사이트 months since Cole suffered an elbow injury in August 2016, also with Pittsburgh.

With Cole out for the early part of the season, the Yankees will likely struggle to field a five-man rotation, let alone an Opening Day starter. This argues for a serious look at outside acquisitions.

The Yankees had been in ongoing negotiations with free agent Blake Snell, but closed the window of communication in the middle of last month due to differences over contract terms. The situation is different now. With the news of Cole’s injury, there’s some speculation that the Yankees could be looking for Snell again. However, the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels have emerged as possible destinations, with Snell reportedly preferring to remain in the West.

The Yankees had their eyes on Chicago White Sox Dylan Sease in the trade market, but he was dealt to the San Diego Padres on Thursday in a deal that sent four prospects to the White Sox.

Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes, Marcus Stroman, and Clark Schmidt remain in the Yankees’ starting rotation. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Yankees as they head into the season.

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