Fierce competition for ‘least place’ → The lowest winning rate is 0.419…Season without “30% winning rate” in 5 years

Currently, Samsung is in eighth place with 49 wins, one draw and 64 losses and a winning rate of 0.434 as of the 4th. 9th place is Kiwoom. 51 wins, 3 draws, 70 losses, and a winning rate of 0.421. There are two games to win against Samsung. Hanwha is at the bottom. It has 44 wins, 6 draws and 61 losses, and a winning rate of 0.419 points. The win is one game behind eighth-ranked Samsung and one game ahead of ninth-ranked Kiwoom. Hanwha is at the bottom because the winning rate comes first.

What is notable is that Hanwha, the last place, also has a winning rate of more than 0.400. At one point, he ran a winning streak and looked up more. It slowed down again, but it’s definitely different compared to before. If Samsung is also surprised, it is surprising. By late July, the winning rate was around 30 percent. He was almost overwhelmingly in last place. He went up again and went beyond the last place to 8th place.

On the contrary, Kiwoom was competing for the semifinals and at some point fell. Bad news broke out, including Lee Jung-hoo’s departure from the injury. Still, the team went to the Korean Series last year. have the potential. He won four consecutive games by meeting KT on the 1st and 3rd and making a sweep. The season is just around the corner. As of the 4th, Samsung has 30 games, Kiwoom has 20 games, and Hanwha has 33 games left. If we don’t fall into a terrible losing streak here, all three teams will be able to finish with a 40% winning rate.

If the season ends like that, the 2023 KBO League can finish the season without a “30% winning rate team” in as many as five years. In general, it is said that if “the first place is 60%-the last place is 40%,” it is the most ideal. The No. 1 LG has a winning rate of 0.609, which means that the entire league is not bad this season.

Surprisingly, there have been no recent events. The last time was 2018. NC, which was ranked 10th at the time, recorded 58 wins, 1 draw, 85 losses, and a winning rate of 0.406. No. 1 Doosan recorded 93 wins and 51 losses and a winning rate of 0.646. 바카라사이트

For the next four years, all of the lowest-ranked players had a winning rate of around 30 percent. In 2019, Lotte recorded 48 wins, 3 draws and 93 losses and a winning rate of 0.340 points. Hanwha continued to be last in the three years from 2020 to 2022. The winning rate was 0.326-0.371-0.324. The most wins are 49 wins made in 2021. I had a tough time.

Even further back in the past, it is rare for the 10th place to have a four-discount winning rate. In particular, only once in 2018 is calculated from 2015 when the 10-team system in the first division began. In 2017, 10th-ranked KT had a winning rate of 0.347, and 9th-ranked Samsung also had a winning rate of 0.396, less than 40%. It was an unusual season.

Further back in 2012, when he was in the 8th team, Hanwha, ranked 8th, recorded 53 wins, 3 draws and 77 losses, and a winning rate of 0.408. It took six years to reach the next “lowest winning rate of 40%,” and the next is expected to be the first time in five years.

It is by no means welcome for a particular team to collapse significantly. Only when it is fiercely contested will the league’s fun increase and the box office performance improve. In that respect, the 2023 season is definitely not bad.

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