Choi Won-ho’s pick as an irreplaceable player…”Alcantara’s opponent’s home run was thrilling, I’m not a heavy player, I want to be remembered as a player who does his best.”

The Doosan Bears match was held at Daejeon Baseball Stadium on August 3. Hanwha Eagles’ Kim Tae-yeon (26) started as No. 3-right fielder and hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the first inning. With one out and runners on first base, he hit a fastball in the middle of 149 kilometers per hour and flew it over the left fence. It was the winning home run that led the team, which had been losing four consecutive games, to a 5-2 victory. The opposing pitcher was Doosan ace Raul Alcantara.

When asked to pick the most memorable moment recently, Kim Tae-yeon recalled her third home run of the season against Alcantara. “I hit a home run and won the team, so I felt good,” he said. It has been strong for Alcantara this season. In the face-off against Alcantara, one of the best pitchers in the KBO League, he recorded four hits and two RBIs in eight at-bats. Two of the four hits are home runs and doubles.

“It’s hard to hit every at-bat against the top pitcher in the league. “I just think I’ll focus on one at-bat and hit it accurately, and it led to good results.” He played in four positions this season: first, second, and third baseman and right fielder. His main position is third baseman, and Roh Sihwan is in position.

It goes into various seats. If there is no fixed defensive position, concentration may be shaken. Kim Tae-yeon said, “It’s similar no matter where you go inside and outside.” “I’m not a heavyweight on my team. It is important to enter the lineup in any defensive position. I think that Tim needs me.” 온라인카지노

Recently, Choi Won-ho, along with Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung, picked Kim Tae-yeon as an irreplaceable player regardless of his defensive ability. He said, “I felt that the director trusted me. “I want to repay you, so I work harder,” he said. As of the 4th, he had a batting average of .272 (55 hits in 202 at-bats), four home runs, 22 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.724 in 78 games. In the match against LG on the 3rd, he hit a right-handed hit in the top of the second inning and scored a tie. in a two-day game

In the top of the second inning, he hit a left-center hit as the leadoff hitter. Jang Jin-hyuk scored the first goal in a timely hit. I got off to a bad start this year. In April, he batted only 1.96 percent (10 hits in 51 at-bats) in 20 games. I thought I prepared well for the offseason, but I did. In early May, notifications for the second division were issued. I was on the Futures team for nearly a month from May 3 to June 1.

“I thought it would go well for the season in good condition. It was okay in the beginning, but it kept falling, so I became impatient. Negative thoughts filled my head. It was time to fight myself.” Kim Tae-yeon, who finished reorganizing in the Futures team, returned to the first division in June and quickly found her place. He said everything was a “mind matter.” Kim Tae-yeon said his goal for the rest of the season is to be remembered as a player who does his best in all plays.

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