Facebook blocks illegal bingo group after KSA report

Kanspellautorite (KSA), a Dutch gambling regulator, cracked down on the Dordtse Queens network, which was organizing illegal bingo games.

According to local casino news reports, the KSA has filed several complaints on Facebook about the unlicensed bingo group. Eventually, the six pages associated with the group were deleted from the platform. 경마

The illegal network has attracted nearly 10,000 members
According to reports, the Dortmund Queen’s Facebook group was offering a bingo service without a KSA license. Eight administrators of the Dortse Queens were also advertising bingo games on their personal pages. So, the network had a total of nearly 10,000 members.

The KOC also stressed that minors were able to participate in competitive games by chance.

This is not the first time Dutch regulators have reported on illegal gambling providers on social media platforms. In September 2021, KSA suspended two unlicensed lottery and bingo operations, BSB Shop and Luxury Bingo, which were also operating on Facebook.

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