State-owned operator to obtain Germany’s first online casino license

Local authorities approved the National Treaty on Games (GluStV) in July 2021, allowing online casino management to apply for official permission. However, six months after the online casino legislation, the German state did not announce a single online casino permit. Many virtual casinos are currently awaiting permission from Germany and are under permission. So Lotto BW, the state lottery operator, has the potential to become the first legitimate German online casino. Moreover, according to a spokesman for the interior ministry of Baden-Württemberg, the operator has been considered the exclusive provider of digital casino games in Germany.

After obtaining an online casino license, Lotto BW plans to significantly expand its offering by adding online slots, blackjacks, baccarat and roulette to the game list. However, the lottery will remain the core of the gambling business. 파친코

The launch date of Lotto BW Online Casino has yet to be reported. But the director of the company Georg Wacher estimates that remote casinos could open in the spring.

According to recent casino industry news, Germany’s first legitimate online casino operator is about to receive permission. State gambling firm Totoro GmbH Baden-Württemberg (BW) has already applied for digital casino permits.

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