Doosan and KIA, which was scheduled to be held at Jamsil Stadium on the 5th, was canceled due to rain

Initially, there was no rain forecast on the day, so the game was expected to proceed normally. However, the schedule flew away due to the sudden creation of rain clouds.

The sky was clear until around 5:50 p.m. when the away team KIA team finished training. There was no sign of rain. When it began to rain, I thought it was a shower. The sky was pretty clear, too. It looked like rain falling on a dry sky. Although a tarpaulin was installed, it seemed that the game could be played even if it was delayed if the stadium was repaired after the rain stopped.

But the rain didn’t stop as easily as I thought. It continued to rain quite heavily. The sky is relatively clear, but stadium officials are starting to be embarrassed by the rain falling. As it rained for about an hour, the ground also became difficult to maintain.

Eventually, around 6:55 p.m., it was decided to cancel the rain. It was supposed to take more than an hour to repair the stadium after the rain stopped. It was difficult to wait without knowing when the rain would stop. In fact, after the decision to cancel the rain, the rain became stronger. It was an absurd rain cancellation. The game will be organized later because there is no preliminary date.

The home team Doosan players comforted their fans with Huh Kyung-min, Jung Soo-bin, and Yang Seok-hwan’s rain ceremony. It is Doosan’s 19th rain cancellation of the season and KIA’s 21st rain cancellation of the season. 온라인경마

According to the weather radar, there were no rain clouds in the central part of the country. It was the case in the whole of the central region. Rain clouds were created only near Jamsil Baseball Stadium, that is, southeastern Seoul. It didn’t even escape well east. It doesn’t rain at all near Gocheok Dome in the west of Seoul, but the game was canceled as rain “targeted shooting” only near Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

There may be advantages and disadvantages depending on the game situation, but it was better for both teams to play today when the game was already delayed a lot. In particular, KIA has the most games left in the league this season. There is already a tight schedule at the end of the season, but as the game was canceled, there is one more game to play.

KIA was scheduled to start Hwang Dong-ha on the 5th, but Thomas Panoni will start on the 6th. It’s a scheduled rotation. Doosan, which also has to play a lot of games this week, will start Kwak Bin as the rotation goes on the 6th.

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