Cheongpungi Judo take top spot in elementary school

Choi Min-soo and Sa Gong Do-yoon (Uijeongbu City G Sports Club, Korea) topped their respective men’s primary weight classes at the 2024 Cheongpunggi National Judo Championships.

Min-soo Choi, coached by Lee Jong-myung, won the men’s 48-kilogram final on the first day of the tournament at the Cheongju Market Aein Sports Center in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, on Sunday by stealing three maps from Park Jae-ho (Dotcheon-cho, Changwon) and winning by submission.

Earlier, Choi Min-soo defeated Ko Jun-won (Jeju Namdongcho) in the quarterfinals with a half back and half thigh hold, and then defeated home favorite Eom Do-jin (Cheongju Heungdeokcho) in the semifinals with a thigh hold.

In the 54-kilogram category, Sagong Do-yoon defeated Kim Min-chan (Yongin Dajeonggwan Judo Gym) in the quarterfinals with a half waist throw and half press, and Hwang Seong-yeon (J-Top Judo Multigym) in the semifinals with a half sleeve up strike and half bata bridge, before defeating Seo Beom-joon (Dochoncho) in the final with a foul.

Hwang Ha-yul (Samsancho, Incheon) defeated Choi Ga-yoon (Kumhocho, Yeongcheon) in the final of 바카라 the girls’ 36-kilogram women’s primary division with an exciting bout of ankle-lock, while Kim Hye-min (Sinhyeon Girls’ Middle School, Incheon) and Choi Yeon-woo (Gwangmyeong Gwangmun Middle School, Gwangmyeong) also took first place in the women’s 45-kilogram women’s intermediate division with foul wins over Ahn Hye-won (Jongam Middle School, Seoul) and Kwon Se-hyun (Seoul Weight), respectively.

Go Da-yeon (Yeonsung Middle School, Incheon) won the women’s intermediate 57kg final with a pin over Seo Si-eun (Gyeonggi), while Kim Sun-je (Gumdan Middle School, Incheon) won the men’s intermediate 55kg, Jeong Yi-je (Geumgokcho, Namyangju) won the men’s intermediate 36kg, and Choi Se-in (Incheon National Judo Gymnasium) won the women’s intermediate 44kg.

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