Why did the first two Unemployment Basketball Federation Games take place in Taebaek?

The National Unemployed Basketball Federation Championship was held in Taebaek.

The 2024 National Unemployed Basketball Federation Championship opened at the Gowon Gymnasium in Taebaek City, Gangwon Province, on July 7. The tournament is organized and hosted by the Korea Unemployed Basketball Federation and sponsored by Taebaek City, Taebaek City Council, and the Korea Basketball Association. The tournament will be held for two days and three nights from July 7 (Fri) to 9 (Sun).

Four unemployed women’s basketball teams from Seodaemun-gu Office, Sacheon City Office, Gimcheon City Office, and Daegu City Office participated in the tournament, which is the second edition of the 2024 National Unemployed Basketball Federation Exhibition and Regional Basketball Tournament held in April in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

This year’s tournament is particularly significant because it is the first time the tournament has been held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, and it is the first time the National Unemployed Basketball Federation has held two tournaments in the city, instead of only one every year.

“This year, at the request of Taebaek City, we signed a five-year MOU with the city and the Korea Unemployed Basketball Federation,” said Joo Hee-bong, president of the Korea Unemployed Basketball Federation. “The National Unemployed Basketball Federation tournament will be held in Taebaek from this year,” said Joo Hee-bong, chairman of the Korea Unemployed Basketball Federation. “The tournament will be held twice a year, first in Gimcheon and then in Taebaek. It will be a great opportunity for teams to improve their performance as they have one more competition to play in.”

The tournament will also feature a basketball tournament for employers. The Korea Unemployed Basketball 안전놀이터 Federation first held a regional basketball tournament for female sports basketball players in April, but this time, the tournament will be held in conjunction with the Unemployed Basketball Federation, where male sports basketball players will compete in teams. The basketball tournament was created to revitalize basketball among office workers and promote health promotion and healthy leisure activities. A total of eight teams will participate in the tournament, including SK T BALL, Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education ATP, Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education B, K-BROS, Gimpo Dajo Eun Hospital, The Zone Bizon, and Sono Vivaldi Gunners.

The competition will be held on June 8 and 9 at the Taebaek Kogen Gymnasium and will be held in a 파워볼실시간 tournament format. The basketball tournament is a valuable opportunity for employees to compete over the weekend, and is expected to be another tool for expanding the popularity of daily sports and a place for communication.

Meanwhile, the 2024 National Unemployed Basketball League started on July 7, with four teams playing a full league to determine the standings. In the first day’s games, Seodaemun-gu Office defeated Sacheon City Office 74-45 and Daegu City Office defeated Gimcheon City Office 77-68. Seodaemun-gu Office won the inaugural championship in April.

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