Bet Games Debuts First Crash Game With Skyward Launch

BetGames, a leading betting game studio, is excited to announce the latest addition to its Skyward portfolio, a thrilling airplane-themed crash game that promises a thrilling gaming experience.

Bet Games, which recently introduced its fourth new vertical, quickly introduced another animated title shortly after the successful launch of Instant Lucky 7.

This addition marks the first time Bet Games has launched Crash Games, a popular format with exciting gameplay and convenient automatic betting and cashout capabilities.

Skyward is a high-energy crash game that immerses players in fascinating plane-based adventures. 파칭코

Boasting custom animations and visually recognizable designs set in Skyward, the title features a fascinating landscape that serves to increase the enjoyment of the player.

Gameplay is a simple but engaging format that gives you access to the most extensive player demographics. All the player has to do is place a bet and watch the aerial action unfold.

Multiple bets can be placed on the same draw to give users an edge, giving them a bigger chance to win big.

Once a bet is made on this high-frequency game, the plane takes off and flies through the sky. Before the plane crashes and the round ends, each user must cash in and determine the best time to win.

The game is meant to reward the most adventurous fliers, and the bravest fliers receive even more lucrative rewards. The longer they last, the bigger the prize money and the maximum multiplier is 100,000 times.

Commenting on the launch, CP Ian Catchick of Bet Games said, “We are excited to introduce Skyward, the most recent addition to our gaming portfolio. Skyward is a very popular high-frequency aircraft-themed crash game concept that brings new levels of interest and engagement to the broad portfolio of existing games.

“This launch is an ambitious step towards entering the world of crash gaming. Following the success of Instant Lucky 7 and our expanded gaming categories, including animation, Skyward reflects our continued commitment to delivering innovative and immersive gaming experiences with our sixth new gaming launch in 2023.”

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