“Son Heung-min scored two goals, and Urey played a war of nerves!” Despite the defeat, the media is criticizing Son Heung-min

The national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, beat home team China 3-0 at 9 p.m. on the 21st at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, with Son Heung-min’s multi-goal and Jung Seung-hyun’s finishing goal in Group C of the 2026 Asian qualifying round. South Korea, which won two consecutive games, took the lead in the group. China (1 win and 1 loss) fell to third place.

Korea put China to rest with its ability. In the 9th minute of the first half, Hwang Hee-chan grabbed the ball and dribbled and passed it toward Cho Kyu-sung, who penetrated the box. Zhu Chen-je, who had attacked Cho Kyu-sung, fell while getting tangled with Chinese goalkeeper Yan Jun-ling. In the scene where Hwang Hee-chan ran again, he tripped over the back of Jucheonje, who had already fallen. The referee declared a penalty.

It was a comedy. It was a scene where the chaotic China collapsed on its own. Son Heung-min, who played as a kicker, scored with his right foot. It was Son’s 40th A-match goal. Son Heung-min put more than 40,000 Chinese home fans into silence for a moment by demonstrating a “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” 토토사이트

Son Heung-min, who was on the rise, scored multiple goals in the 45th minute of the first half by changing the direction of Lee Kang-in’s left-footed corner kick to the header. After the final training, Son Heung-min kept his promise, which he vowed to “make China unable to breathe.” China was too short to stop “World Class” Son Heung-min.

Having lost points, China has become sensitive. China’s leading striker Wu Lei strongly protested by pulling his uniform after Son Heung-min scored his first goal. It was a protest that it was not enough to give a penalty kick. The two players exchanged words and engaged in a war of nerves. Nothing happened when Hwang Hee-chan approached and dried the thunder.

The thunder was serious, but Son Heung-min laughed it over. Son Heung-min showed good manners by approaching and comforting Chinese player Jang Sung-lung who fell during the game. Chinese players tried to stop Son Heung-min with various fouls but failed. Son Heung-min, who even scored an additional goal, was no longer in China’s control.

After the game, Chinese soccer media “Scar China” reported that “Son Heung-min had a physical fight with Wu Lei,” as if Son Heung-min was responsible. Urey also posted a picture of Son Heung-min strongly criticizing him.

However, most Chinese media admitted to the complete defeat of the Korean War. Sohu Dotcom said, “Korea was not comparable to China. Son Heung-min said, “Chinese fans were enthusiastic. He humbly interviewed Son Heung-min, saying, “The match against China was a very difficult match.”

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