“Captain” Kim Hyun-soo takes off his responsibility…Transforms into a “too much talker” that brings out the mood

LG Kim Hyun-soo constantly chatted at the “2022 Spring Camp” held at LG Champions Park in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, on the morning of the 15th. Kim Hyun-soo served as LG captain for three years from 2019 to 2021.

Kim Hyun-soo, who was defending the infield, was constantly headed to the infielder by head coach Ryu Ji-hyun and coach Kim Min-ho. The players, who were focusing only on training, had a softer atmosphere with Kim Hyun-soo’s talk. 온라인경마

Kim Hyun-soo, who handed over the heavy responsibility of the captain to Oh Ji-hwan from 2022, has changed his role to a freer senior. When good defense came out during defense practice, the players clapped before others and gave confidence to their juniors, and changed the atmosphere to a joke.

To Kim Hyun-soo, who has served as a cap tip for three years, head coach Ryu Ji-hyun said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kim Hyun-soo for his hard work and dedication to the team as a captain for the past three years.”

Rookie captain Oh Ji-hwan said, “I have learned a lot of good things from (Kim) Hyun-soo over the past three years, and as a captain, I will always communicate and take the lead.” “Next season, our team will become one and show our fans a lot of brighter sides,” he said.

LG, which has not won the Korean Series since 1994, will hold a spring camp in Icheon from the 3rd to the 21st to solve its long-cherished desire to win the Korean Series for the first time in 28 years, and the 2nd camp will be held at Tongyeong Sanyang Sports Park Baseball Stadium from the 23rd to March 1.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-soo signed a contract with the LG Twins in December last year for up to 11.5 billion won for 4+2 years. The initial four-year contract period is 9 billion won (5 billion won in down payment and 4 billion won in annual salary), and after that, the two-year contract will be automatically extended if the options agreed between the club and the player are achieved.


Why choose slots for real money app versions?

Especially when we talk about the customer service area, the digital world is moving smoothly to mobile devices. The retail sector reported that more than half of all purchases are made through handheld devices. The entertainment business is also shifting towards using mobile apps, which creates a growing demand for Android and iOS-based application developers. 경마

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Top 5 Slot Apps for Real Money
Before creating a list of the five best physical currency slots available on both Android and iPhone, the login casino outlined all of the above-mentioned requirements for the casino app. We focused on licensing issues and focused on Maltese gambling permits as a sign of a reliable international gambling platform.

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Casino Access Expands in Nebraska, Virginia, and Colorado

In Colorado, relatively minimal changes to gambling legislation have been approved. Citizens of Creeple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City voted to cancel the $100 single ber limit that was applied to casino games. Interestingly, these cities approved casino and betting activities just half a year ago, and a new part of the changes came rather quickly.

Four cities in Virginia had a dominant victory in casino adoption over the opposite variant. Portsmouth, Norfolk, Bristol and Danville have adopted opening gambling houses, and Richmond is expected to join the list soon. Virginia has an old horse racing tradition, and state citizens have approved the opening of an online betting shop in 2021. 파친코

During election day, Nebraska citizens had to approve three gambling-related plans. As they all successfully passed the voting process, the horse racing track will host a casino game. At the same time, it means the creation of a regulatory body. By rough calculation, the state will keep about $400 million inside the state, as consumers are allowed to gamble in Nebraska. The plan will also open nearly 5,000 vacancies and is expected to bring about $65 million through taxes.

Of course it is. In many parts of the United States, we understand that the well-regulated gambling industry brings a lot of revenue, and we know that regulations force citizens to travel to Las Vegas, which does not prevent Ludomania. Many of the world’s leading companies have already mentioned that betting is gaining momentum in the United States and that they are preparing for the upcoming licensing process. Casinos are part of the process, so you can expect new states to approve gambling soon.


“Home run with a bat?” Ramos of Force…Reply embarrassment with a double

On the afternoon of the 5th, there was a notable scene in the practice match between KT and Kia held at Gijang Hyundai Motor Dream Ball Park in Busan. 토토

Ramos, who wore a new KT uniform in the 2022 season, swung vigorously at Kia’s Kim Chan-min’s ball in the bottom of the fifth inning. However, the bat, which fell out of his hand, flew toward the sky toward the first base. The players in the stadium were all surprised. Fortunately, the bat that flew hit the top of the net on the first base and fell to the ground.

Ramos, who took over the bat from the base coach, showed a cute smile as if he was embarrassed. Ramos, who entered the batter’s box again, hit a double to make up for the awkward situation.

KT signed Ramos for a total of $1 million ($750,000 a year, $250,000 in incentives). Ramos was named by the Boston Red Sox in 2010, and played for the Arizona Diamondbacks last year.

Meanwhile, KT was dragged 4-2 until the top of the ninth inning and won a thrilling 5-4 come-from-behind victory with Song Min-seop’s walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth.


Do you want to try typing instead of me?’…The joke comes ‘like a sad reality’

Louise gave Kelly a bat as a joke while moving for three bullpen pitches at the LG Twins’ training session at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul in the middle of this month. It was a joke, but Ruiz and Kelly are not in a pleasant mood at the start of the exhibition game.

Ruiz, who wore a new LG uniform in the 2022 season, signed a $1 million contract (150,000 down payment, 600,000 annual salary, 250,000 incentives) to fulfill his long-cherished desire to win for the first time in 28 years. 바카라사이트

He made his major league debut with the Atlanta Braves in 2016 and moved to the Baltimore Orioles in the 2019 season and the Colorado Rockies in 2021. He played in 315 Major League Baseball games with a batting average of .122, 28 home runs, 109 RBIs, and OPS.He is a long-distance hitter with a record of 644

However, at the end of the exhibition game, Ruiz is not adapting to the KBO League. Ruiz is 3-for-24 in eight exhibition games. Three hits and no long hits.

Of course, exhibition games don’t mean much, but major leaguers’ performance is too shabby.

Ruiz has recently been training with coach Lee Ho-joon to keep his batting balance. On this day, he also worked hard to escape the slump by training centered on lower body movement.

Kelly is LG’s clear ace pitcher with two-digit wins every season since wearing the LG uniform in 2019. He has won 42 games in the KBO League.

However, the start was late this year. He made his first appearance in an exhibition game on the 22nd after suffering a minor ankle injury in spring camp. With less than a week left before the opening, Kelly threw only 25 balls in three innings and went over the mound.

At a normal pace, he had to throw 60 to 70 balls, but he didn’t seem to overdo it. However, this does not mean that there is an abnormality in the ankle injury or in the body. All you have to do is raise your condition and number of pitches in time for the regular season.

Kelly is also expected to achieve double-digit wins for the fourth consecutive year in LG’s foreign pitching history, unless he has a special injury or extreme slump.

The LG Twins maintain a good performance with a winning rate of 0.750 with six wins, two draws and two losses in exhibition games. Although winning or losing exhibition games does not mean much, the balance and condition of the two and others are that good. Fans are looking forward to when Lewis, who is in a slump, will play the role of a troubleshooter.


Facts about unaccounted casinos you didn’t know

Which casino has no account?
First, it is worth mentioning that such casinos are innovations in the gambling industry as they continue to develop. This new opportunity allows gamblers to play their favorite games without having to create an account. It may sound impossible a while ago, but state-of-the-art technology can make it a reality. 경마

As mentioned above, you don’t need to register for an online casino and you can use all the services and products without difficulty. However, that approach does not imply more risks associated with withdrawal or even withdrawal. The reverse – these time-saving platforms prevent unwanted additional activities associated with the tedious process by which users provide too much personal and unnecessary payment history.

Players can deposit money on the website in several simple steps. The same applies to withdrawals. The user transfers the prize money directly to the bank account. They only need to provide the necessary bank information, which will help them receive the payment. Players don’t have to worry about the safety of personal financial information because the website keeps it safe and doesn’t disclose it to third parties.

For games, such casinos usually offer a wide list of titles. You will find the most popular gambling products, including top slot machines. If you are faced with a problem, you can contact customer support as in other casinos.

Benefits of an Accountless Casino
The new digital casino concept aims to make life easier for gamblers. Standard gambling websites often require too much data from users before playing games and winning. No account casino offers features for easy gambling and the best possible user experience.

The following is a list of the key benefits of this type of gambling website:

  1. Saving time. That is the decisive reason for the majority of online gamblers to switch to such platforms sooner or later. No one wants to spend time filling dozens of areas while signing up instead of enjoying entertainment.
  2. a quick withdrawal procedure. No account casino guarantees immediate payment. What could be better for a player? In addition to this, users pay only bank-set fees without paying any hidden fees.
  3. Technical ability to pause the game process. Casino also offers great options to pause play at any time and save the current balance. Users can restart when they want to continue.
  4. It’s a mobile-friendly service. More importantly, this kind of gambling site is available on smartphones.
  5. Simplicity. The whole process of casinos is simple and easy to understand. Because the website is intuitive, players do not need to search for additional information.

However, despite all the advantages that no account casino has, it also has some disadvantages. Most of the player’s complaints are related to the lack of available payment systems and a small number of bonuses. We will consider this topic below.


Does that mean that almost all addicts have excluded themselves from gambling?

Gambling, one of the most widespread addictions, has many ways to reduce it. One of the most popular government measures in the state with a fully regulated gambling sector is to provide a self-exclusion system. Adding yourself to these lists will automatically exclude gamblers from entering official land-based and digital gaming venues.

Self-denial registration began in Latvia on January 1 of the previous year, and within that year, the system received 14,620 requests. Interestingly, the plan came from a study by the Health Ministry that reported about 16,000 addicts in the country in 2019. 파친코

It can be assumed that more than 90% of Latvian gambling addicts are on the path of a healthy revival, but this may be far from true. Thus, the majority of addicts are still far from fully understanding the risks of addiction and can ignore self-denial schemes. It is also important to understand that these blocking tools can still be overcome through technical features such as using VPN services.

In this case, another study on gambling addiction should be conducted to tell the specific effectiveness of the system. But there is no doubt that the tool has become a useful option, especially during the coronavirus crisis. In response, Lotte Lease and Sain Byrne, the head of the Gambling Supervisory Board, confirmed the importance of self-exclusion tools and acknowledged that they were just one of the ways to solve gambling addiction.


You’re the boss? I’m the last one!’…Puig-Oh Seung-hwan’s ‘Strange War of Mind’

At the “2022 KBO Media Day” held at Grand Hyatt Seoul in the afternoon of the 31st, a subtle war of nerves between Puig and Oh Seung-hwan, who happened to be next to each other, stood out.

Kiwoom Puig and Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan, who attended Media A, were placed next to each other on stage. The two players, who faced each other for the first time, felt an atmosphere.

Oh Seung-hwan, eight years older than Puig, first pointed to Puig’s hat and asked a question about the phrase “captain” and then showed a meaningful smile. The nicknames of “Leader” and “Last Edition Leader” were crossed.

Puig said, “The No. 1 caution target is Doosan,” adding, “I want to beat Fernandez.” “I lost against Doosan last year, so I have to win,” he said. Kiwoom knelt down to Doosan in the wild card game last year. Fernandez vowed to “compete in good faith with Puig.” 토토

Kiwoom’s “Wild Horse” Puig has a batting average of 0.222 with one home run, six hits, and four runs as of the 11th. Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan has two saves in two innings.

Meanwhile, 2022 professional baseball, which opened on the 2nd, will allow 100% of spectators to enter from the opening game according to government guidelines. As eating is allowed, chicken and beer (chicken and beer) is also possible. However, support for fostering is prohibited.

Doubleheaders, special suspended games, and Monday games, which were operated in consideration of the COVID-19 situation and international competition schedules until last year, will not be organized this year. The overtime, which was temporarily out of operation in the second half of last season, runs until the 12th inning.


“Are you really warming up here?” Reporters who lost their seats…Players and reporters are in trouble

Photographers on the other side are covering behind board A.(Top) / The players’ warm-up zone stretches right in front of board A.

This is what Hwang In-beom, who recently moved to FC Seoul, said as he moved to the warm-up zone (place where substitute players warm up) to make his home debut at Sangam on the 8th.

The match between FC Seoul and Suwon FC in the 11th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2022” was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 8th. Prior to the match, FC Seoul and Suwon FC had the same 11 points, but Seoul, ahead of multiple points, was in 8th place and Suwon was in 7th place. The ranking was changing depending on the results of the day. 바카라사이트

About 15 minutes after the first half began, FC players, including Hwang In-beom, headed to the warm-up zone to warm up with the trainer. In the K League, the warm-up zone is installed between the front of the headquarters and the ground, or in front of the stands. The warm warp zone made of artificial grass is easy to move and can be moved to the desired location.

Seoul players who were looking for the warm-up zone prepared to warm up in the warm-up zone, which is closely attached to the A board. Some photographers and players who were covering in the photo booth overlapped. Both the reporters and the players were embarrassed. Because they were closer together than necessary.

On the ground, the photojournalist’s seat is 9.15m between the goalpost and the corner flag. It’s right behind board A for advertising. However, in Sangam, the warm-up zone of the players and the reporters’ seats overlap. Compared to other stadiums’ warm-up zones, you can see how ambiguous the location of the Sangam warm-up zone is.

Seoul players who are about to start training in the warm-up zone were embarrassed. Although it is in the game, some photographers moved to both sides because it could interfere with the players’ training.

Who installed Warm Up Zone here? Even if there was a 1m gap between board A and warm-up zone, the players and photographers would not have been uncomfortable with each other.

Photographer A, who usually covers the K League a lot, said, “Other soccer fields have a wide gap between the warm-up zone of players and the photo reporters, but only Sangam is dangerous because the gap is narrow.” If the player is injured or the photographer’s equipment is damaged, who will be responsible?” he complained.

Meanwhile, FC Seoul added three points with a 3-1 victory, raising its ranking to seventh place with three wins, five draws, and three losses with 14 points. Suwon, on the other hand, was defeated without overcoming the inferiority with Park Joo-ho’s departure.


Spanish gambling regulator

The last quarter of 2020 saw positive figures for both quarter-on-quarter (20%) and year-on-year (24.8%). Total Gaming Revenue (GGR) for the period totaled 231 million euros. This coincides with an increase in active accounts, averaging more than 1 million monthly results and growing at a rate of 19% compared to the third quarter of 2020. What’s interesting is that from 1 million accounts, almost 400,000 are new game accounts, close to a 30% increase from the previous quarter. Deposits and withdrawals increased by more than 25%.

A closer look at the situation shows that betting and casinos are the biggest contributors in terms of GGRs of €103.5 million (44.8% of the total ratio) and €97.8 million (42.3%) respectively. The other categories were much smaller, but Poker took almost €25 million (10.8%), €3.9 million (1.7%), and €110 million (0.5%) in the contest. Other interesting figures include €148.8 million for marketing, with alliance costs, sponsorship and promotions up more than 30%, and promotions down 33%. 경마

Despite 2020 being a difficult year due to the pandemic, overall conditions for gambling in Spain rose 13.7%, showing a positive trend, leading to an increase of EUR 858.8 million in the GGR. The amount of deposits and withdrawals increased by about 20%, while the number of active gamblers was around 1.48 million euros (8.4% increase). Marketers also saw their spending rise in 2020, reaching the 462 million euro (24.2%) level, with only a drop in affiliates, which is different from the fourth-quarter trend.

The annual rate by sector was not very positive compared to Q4 2020. Betting therefore fell 3.5% to 336 million euros, but still contributed the most to the overall GGR at almost 43%. Casino came in second with 41.2%, meaning 351 million euros and nearly 30% year-on-year growth. Other branches also saw bingo grow 30% (euro 16.5 million) in 2020 and poker increase 35.7% (euro 1.1 million), while competition surged 192% (euro 8M).