12-4 in Game 12 of the season against SSG Landers of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 2nd

KIA won 12-4 in Game 12 of the season against SSG Landers of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 2nd, winning seven consecutive games in 753 days after the match between the Gwangju NC Dinos on July 1, 2021 and the Gwangju Hanwha Eagles on August 10. KIA’s season performance, which secured the Winning Series, recorded 55 wins, 2 draws and 50 losses.

Han Jun-su, who started as the eighth batter and catcher, made an impressive impression by recording two hits, two RBIs and one walk in four at-bats, including one home run. This is the third multi-hit game since the opening of this season.

Before the game, KIA manager Kim Jong-kook expressed expectations for Han Jun-su’s performance, saying, “Han Jun-su has been working well with Yoon Young-chul, and there is also Kim Tae-gun’s condition management,” adding, “Overall, Han Jun-su needs to increase his participation in the game little by little by little.

Han lived up to that belief from his first at-bat. He pulled SSG starter Moon Seung-won’s four-ball fastball in the top of the second inning with the team leading 2-0 and hit his second home run of the season over the right fence. Unfortunately, the place where the horsehair gun exploded was also at SSG Landers Field in Incheon (July 5).

Since then, Han Jun-su’s bat has turned fierce. He hit a double with two outs in the top of the fourth inning to achieve a multi-hit, and walked in the top of the sixth inning. Neither the double nor the walk led to a score, but just pressing the opponent was of great significance. Head coach Kim Jong-guk also praised Han Jun-su for his good performance in attack and defense.

After the game, Han Jun-su said, “I thought I passed it unconditionally after being hit at first,” smiling, “Kim Sun-bin said jokingly, ‘Do well because it’s your land again, and there was a really good result.”

Han Jun-su, who formed a battery with Yoon Young-chul, said, ” (Yoon) Young-chul continued to fail to win until then, and I studied and thought until I left. “I entered the game thinking of giving up to three runs even if I gave a run until the fifth inning, but I think the result was good,” he said. “After two strikes, I was too greedy for a fastball, but even after two strikes, thinking about breaking balls rather than a fastball led to a good result.”

As Incheon SSG Landers Field is a batter-friendly stadium, there was also a risk of long balls, but Han Jun-su did not care much. “I didn’t think about that particularly because if the ball is slow, batters can also put in strength, rather than thinking about hitting a long shot, and I kept doing so because I got good results if the day went or the top and bottom were adjusted,” he said.

Han Jun-su remained regretful about his last at-bat despite his third on-base performance, including a home run. “I think contact should be first, but I think that’s what happened until two at-bats, but I think I touched a bad ball when a bad habit came out in the last at-bat. I think it’s an advantage to hit confidently and I think I should actively hit the first pitch,” he reflected. 토토사이트

It may not be easy to survive in KIA, where the main catcher certainly exists, but Han Jun-su tries to make the most of the opportunity given. “It’s the second problem whether it goes out or not,” he said. I’m always preparing in the dugout, he said. “I’m happy (to be in the first team), but I think I should always work hard in the first or second division because I think I should work that hard.”

Han Jun-su, who received various advice from the first and second groups, said, “The second-tier coach (Son Seung-rak) told me not to make a mistake and do what I was doing in the second division,” and reflected, “I think I thought I should only do my own thing as much as possible because I don’t try to do too well and play the game is the same.”

Finally, Han Jun-su said, “KIA fans always come and cheer for me, and I’m really grateful and I think it’s a strength to the players,” adding, “I don’t think I’ll lose if I play, so I feel like I’ll win even if I lose.” There is no break in the batting line because the seniors are so good in front of him.

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