Baek Seung-ho, who showed “tears” in the gold medal, put down the captain’s “burden” and happily end with a deep “hug” with coach Hwang Sun-hong

The men’s national soccer team at the Asian Games, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, beat Japan 2-1 in the final at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou, China, on the 7th. Hwang Sun-hong won the gold medal, achieving his third consecutive victory in the tournament.

Coach Hwang, who maintained his ‘calmness’ throughout the tournament, also cheered after the game. I hugged the coaching staff and took a commemorative photo. In the meantime, “Captain” Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk Hyundai) shed tears and shared a deep hug with head coach Hwang. 카지노사이트 순위

Baek Seung-ho is the wild card and captain of the national team. There are far more players younger than themselves. As such, the sense of responsibility and burden as a captain was considerable. On top of that, Baek Seung-ho’s position in the national team is a third-line midfielder. You are given the task of protecting the four-back line.

However, Baek Seung-ho made several mistakes through the group stage and tournament. The excuse for Hwang Sun-hong’s first run of the tournament also came from Baek Seung-ho’s mistake in ball control. Criticism has also been raised against him. Because it was such an important position.

After the semifinals against Uzbekistan, Baek Seung-ho complained to reporters that he was not dissatisfied. “You say you’re working hard, but that’s the situation. “I have nothing to say about the match against Uzbekistan,” he said. “I fouled hard and the shot came, so I can’t avoid it.” I also want to ask again what to do to be satisfied. I can’t help but pay attention to talking even around me. I’m sorry and sorry for the players. I hope you can trust and cheer for me.”

“Mental is okay,” he said, but he couldn’t be comfortable. And in the final, Baek Seung-ho led the national team’s gold medal with a clean play without making any mistakes. As if to vent his anger, he hugged his teammates and shed tears after confirming his gold medal. After greeting the audience, he wrapped the national flag around his body. The last one was a deep hug with Hwang. Coach Hwang gave him a big hug and consoled him for his hard work and sacrifice. As such, Baek Seung-ho’s journey as the national team captain met a “happy ending.”


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Satta Matka, part of the official lottery and Fun88’s newly launched lottery category, promises to bring more excitement and tradition into the joyous celebrations. This Diwali, Fun88 invites users to try their luck and win big with these new additions.

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“You’re playing soccer in the past. Back pass is your main weapon

The Asian Games national team, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, won the gold medal in the men’s soccer final of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 2-1 against Japan at Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China, at 9 p.m. on the 7th (Korea time).

Following the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, they won three consecutive Asian Games titles.

South Korea lost a point in the second minute of the first half. He was pierced by a dribble breakthrough from the left and the defense blocked the cross, but he passed to Kotaro Uchino at the right post in a mixed situation at the gate and calmly shook the Korean goal net with a right-footed shot. It was a run in 1 minute and 18 seconds after the start of the game. 바카라

However, Korea did not back down easily. In the 27th minute of the first half, Jung Woo-young, who is likely to be the top scorer of the tournament, scored an equalizer. From the right, Jung Woo-young flew Hwang Jae-won’s early cross from the far post and scored a heading equalizer. Jung Woo Young’s 8th goal of the tournament.

In the second half, South Korea pushed its opponents by holding onto the market share.In the end, Jung Woo-young received the ball that was put into the penalty box in the 11th minute of the second half and delivered it to Cho Young-wook as he fell. Cho Young-wook split Japan’s net with an exquisite right-footed shot. South Korea, which kept this lead, brought the gold medal.

A festive night in which South Korea won the gold medal by winning the Korea-Japan match. The Japanese archipelago was engulfed in anger. Criticism was full of SNS fans’ reactions delivered by Japanese media Nikkan Sports.

A Japanese fan was puzzled, saying, “Is there a rule that a midfielder has to pass a back pass?” He was angry at Japan’s come-from-behind loss after making passive plays even after scoring the first goal.

Another fan said, “The more I watched the game, the more I got tired. I felt like I was watching the Japanese national soccer team in the past. Please have courage and run,” he strongly criticized.


Las Vegas Monorail Offers Strip Transportation Over F1 Weekend

The Las Vegas Monorail offers fast and convenient transportation to fans through the first Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, which runs from November 16 (Thu) to 18 (Sat). All electrical systems have seven stations along Las Vegas Boulevard, with three stations directly accessible to the race zone (Harrahs/LINQ Station, Flamingo Station, and Horschoe/Paris Las Vegas Station). 온라인경마

To better accommodate the influx of race enthusiasts, the monorail will continue to operate from 7 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14 to 3 a.m. on Monday, November 20. Monorail trains arrive at each station every 5 to 12 minutes. The number of train runs depends on service demand.

Discount monorail tickets for the Las Vegas Grand Prix are available here and can be downloaded to your mobile device. Customers are advised to purchase tickets online in advance. Attendees should also refer to the route map to identify their preferred stops before arriving at the monorail.

Las Vegas locals can purchase a one-way ticket for $1 if they show their Nevada ID at each monorail station customer service booth, except at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s reporting station. Customer service hours have been extended from 11am to 11pm on match days, and customer service hours can be found here on all other dates.

F1 Monorail ticket holders looking for something to do at their destination during the weekend can take advantage of the “Show Your Ticket & Save” program, which offers discounts on shows, attractions, restaurants, and more.


Partners with HAPPYBET to comply with Germany’s advertising regulations

Rightlander, a leader in allied marketing compliance solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Italy’s leading licensed game operator, Snaitech Group’s sports betting brand HAPPYBET in Germany and Austria. This collaboration is an important step toward ensuring a fair and compliant online gaming environment.

Rightlander played a pivotal role in monitoring HAPPYBET’s affiliate website, primarily focusing on maintaining advertising regulations in Germany. This proactive approach ensures that affiliates comply with strict regulatory standards, providing a more responsible and transparent eye-gaming environment for all stakeholders.

Michael Sessa, managing director of HAPPYBET Germany, said, “Our partnership with Rightlander strengthens the Snaitech group’s strong commitment to identifying and preventing potential addictive behavior while providing a reliable and responsible gaming experience for all customers, building an environment to protect and protect each person. This contract represents another step on our path to ensuring the highest standards of German industry for all HAPPYBET users and effectively combating illegal markets.”

Jonathan Elkin, sales director at Lightlander, said, “As the iGaming industry develops in different jurisdictions around the world, compliance and responsible gaming are paramount. Our partnership with HAPPYBET represents our shared commitment to ensuring fair play, regulatory compliance and ethical alignment marketing. We are excited to contribute to a safer and more transparent iGaming environment for our German customers.”

One of the key features of Rightlander’s monitoring system is protection from deceptive marketing practices. Rightlander uses the latest technology to identify and mitigate instances of affiliates promoting misleading or exaggerated content to not only protect HAPPYBET’s reputation but also protect customer interests. 슬롯머신

Unlicensed operators pose a significant threat to the integrity of the iGaming industry, and Rightlander’s surveillance extends to deterring illegal activities and ensuring fair competition in the market by detecting affiliates that promote unlicensed operators.

Rightlander’s commitment to compliance illustrates vigilance in monitoring conditions strictly prohibited by the German Gambling Regulation (GGL). Rightlander will help HAPPYBET and its affiliates escape the legal trap by identifying and addressing violations of these regulations.


“The worst striker I’ve ever seen in my life!” Real FW returns for the first time in 11 years, judging an empty goal chance as offside Criticism after giving up

Real Madrid beat Cadiz 3-0 in the 14th round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2023/24 season at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla in Cadiz, Spain, on Monday (Korea time). Real Madrid, which won the match, regained No. 1.

Real Madrid came out in the form of 4-2-2-2. Hodrigu and Hosselu came out to the front line. Jude Ballingham-Luca Modric was supported under it. Toni Kroos and Federico Valverde stood in the third term. The four-back consists of Ferrand Mendy, Nacho Fernandez, Antonio Rudiger and Dani Carbajal.

Real Madrid, which has the strongest capability, led the game. Real Madrid scored the first goal in the 14th minute of the first half. The shot that Hodrigo hit after dribbling away from the defender in the penalty box opened the net. 스포츠토토

Real Madrid scored an additional goal. In the 19th minute of the second half, after receiving a pass from Modric, Hodrigo hit the center from the side and tried to shoot. The goalkeeper blew himself away, but he couldn’t stop it.

Jude Ballingham finished the game. In the 29th minute of the second half, he got a pass from Hodrigu and drilled the goal with an accurate shot in the penalty box. The game ended 3-0 with no additional points.

After the game, Hosselu was criticized. It was because of the scene that came out in the 9th minute of the second half. Bellingham scored a penetration pass to Hosselu, but it was deflected off the defender, and Rodrigo tried to beat the goalkeeper, but the ball was connected to Hosselu.

Since the goalpost was empty, it could be scored by touching it with a foot. However, Hoselu gave up the ball as if he had judged it to be offside. On the slow screen, Hoselu was not offside. Even if it was really offside, the player did not have to judge.

According to soccer media Tribuna, Real Madrid fans were angry when they saw the scene. Fans reacted furiously, saying, “Hoselu is the worst striker I’ve ever seen in my life,” “We need to terminate his lease as soon as possible,” and “I don’t know why he didn’t touch it because he was offside.”

Hoselu returned to Real Madrid ahead of this season. It was about 11 years since he left Real Madrid Castile (the reserve team) in 2012. He was so happy that he shed tears at the signing ceremony, but his evaluation was not good enough.

He made a consistent record of five goals and two assists in 16 games this season, but his performance was not good. He failed to capture the hearts of fans with his lack of sense, dull touch and poor goal-making ability. He made a big mistake in this game, and he was criticized again.


“Bayern Munich is playing a dangerous game.”

Kim Min-jae also had to play for the Korean national team at the invitation of Jürgen Klinsmann. After a match against Singapore in Seoul on June 16, he moved to China and played in the match against China on June 21. Naturally, both matches were full-time starting times. Kim Min-jae then moved to Cologne and played without a break.

In other words, he made half of the world rounds during the November A-match period alone. “Kim Min-jae travels again half the world. He literally travels more than 20,000 kilometers by plane,” Germany’s TZ said. “He travels more than 20,000 kilometers by plane. He needs 40,000 kilometers to completely travel around the world. This usually doesn’t matter to Kim, who is called a monster. But he has a lot of fatigue. And there are traces of him.”

Nevertheless, he pointed out the reality that he has no choice but to play in the match against Cologne. “Monster Kim Min-jae is one of the players who plays a lot this season. Not enough rest time is noticeable. Munich has to play in Cologne with Kim Min-jae, who arrived tired after the A-match break,” he said. “It is a hell of a schedule. Bayern Munich is playing a dangerous game.” 토토사이트

As expected, Munich’s unilateral attack development took place, with one or two shots ahead of the game. Munich failed to score the first goal in the early hours of the 7th minute when Kane’s right foot shot in front of the goal was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper Schwabe.

Later, Bayern Munich relieved Kim Min-jae of its chest after suffering from a painful injury. When his opponent raised a long ball from the back, he jumped to fight but fell sharply due to Lynton, the second-line home striker. Kim Min-jae shouted and complained of pain for a while, and after waking up, he touched his waist to check the injured area. Fortunately, he came to his senses and went around the ground.

Bayern Munich scored the first goal in the 20th minute of the first half to provide a clue to regain the lead. World class striker Kane was at the center of the goal. Bayern Munich intercepted Lynton’s ball and attempted a counterattack, and Sane, who was holding the ball from the left side of the penalty area, fired a diagonal shot with his right foot. Schwabe cleared it with his reflexes, but the ball fell exquisitely in front of Kane, who was on the other side. A shot was made that suited the expression that Kane was hit by the ball on his right foot, and eventually became a goal.

In the end, Bayern Munich won the game against Cologne, which had a wide gap of power. However, the team had an unstable lead by one point. As Cologne’s pressure intensified at the last minute, Tuchel decided not to use any replacement cards. All 11 starting players played until the closing whistle was called. As a result, Munich finished the game without losing a point and won 1-0.


Samsung, which has entered the game, is about to appoint Lee Jong-yeol as its new head…Hong Joon-hak is stepping down

A big whirlwind will hit the Samsung Lions in 2024. Samsung’s appointment of Lee Jong-yeol, the new head of Samsung, is imminent. Hong Joon-hak, who led the club for more than seven years from 2016, will step down from the front line.

According to MK Sports, Samsung plans to announce the appointment of Lee Jong-yeol as its new head soon. A baseball official hinted, “The Samsung club recently decided to appoint Lee Jong-yeol as the new head after an interview with a group of candidates for the new head.”

Asked about the appointment of the new head on October 10, a Samsung club official said, “There is nothing official to say at the club level because the team’s executives are proceeding with the related contents.”

Samsung is in eighth place in the league with 60 wins, 1 draw and 80 losses this season. Although it was an ambitious start to the season with the appointment of coach Park Jin-man, Samsung is set to finish the season with disappointing performance as it has struggled in the bottom half throughout the season. 카지노사이트 순위

After ranking second in the regular season in the 2021 season, Samsung failed to stop its decline to seventh place in the league with the resignation of former coach Huh Sam-young in the middle of the 2022 season. Coach Park Jin-man also prepared for this season with the goal of advancing to the quarterfinals of the fall baseball league, but the rebound in team rankings did not come out at the end.

In the end, since the middle of this season, the team’s leadership has become more responsible. The parent group also conducted a detailed inspection of the overall operation of the club.

Hong Joon-hak, a former club frontman, took over as the general manager after the end of the 2016 season and led the team for a long time. After Hong’s inauguration, Samsung failed to advance to the fall baseball league for four consecutive years, and then went straight to the playoffs as second place in the regular season of the 2021 season.

The moment when he lost to KT WIZ in the regular season’s winning tiebreaker home game was painful. In the end, Samsung failed to advance to the Korean Series after losing to the Doosan Bears in the 2021 season playoffs with a series record of 1-2 losses.

Rumors spread to the baseball community at the end of this season that general manager Hong Joon-hak will step down from the front line. In addition, it is known that interviews with candidates for the new leader have recently been conducted at the parent group level.

Commentator Lee Jong-yeol, who is about to be appointed as the new head of the team, has long served as a coach for the national team along with a commentator. Lee, who joined the LG Twins in 1991 and started his professional career, is a one-club man who played only in LG until 2009.

Lee began his leadership career at LG in 2010. Lee, who has been a commentator on SBS SPORTS since 2015, has also served as a national team power analyst and defensive coach (2019 Premier 12, 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games). In KBO, he also gained experience as a technical committee member, a training committee member, a talent donation committee member, and a power reinforcement committee member.

Samsung is a data expert with various experiences in the KBO and the national team and seems to have decided to appoint the new head of the team by highly evaluating Lee Jong-won. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jong-yeol will be able to become a savior to lead the reconstruction of the Samsung Dynasty, which began to fall to the bottom of the 10,000th century.


Kwon Soonwoo who couldn’t find “Respect”

Kwon Soon-woo (26, Dangjin City Hall) was aiming for a gold medal in tennis. However, he suffered a shocking set-score 1-2 (3-6, 7-5, 4-6) loss to Thailand’s Cassidit Samrez in the second round of singles. Kwon Soon-woo’s world ranking was 112th, while Samrez was 636th, the biggest surprise of the tournament.

The problem occurred after the game. Furious, Kwon Soo-woo showed his emotions by hitting his tennis racket on the floor several times.

In fact, hitting the racket hard is a scene often seen in tennis. World-renowned star player Novak Djokovic also smashed his racket in the Wimbledon final in July. Of course, a fine of 10 million won was imposed on these actions and it is true that they should refrain, but this scene is not the only problem. 안전놀이터

Kwon Soon-woo refused to shake Samrez’s hand and did not respect the opponent who played together. Criticism grew out of control over Kwon Soon-woo’s disrespectful appearance.

Eventually, Kwon Soon-woo visited Samrez the next day and apologized, and even posted an apology on his SNS. Kwon Soon-woo apologized, saying, “I will think deeply about the weight of the Taegeuk mark and become a responsible player,” and did not receive support until the end of the tournament.


The Rank of the Group’s 5-Month Overview Showing Grossvenor Venue Offset Group’s Growth

The group’s net generated revenue (NGR) increased 1% over the period compared to the same period in 2021, according to the overview. The main reason for the increase was the group’s Mecca and Enracha venues, but a drop in sales at the Grosvenor venues offset their earnings. Grosvenor’s trading performance was slightly above Q1 levels, but still weaker than expected in Q2 as it did not improve at a weekly average NGR of 5.8 million pounds ($7.1 million) throughout the second quarter.

Contrary to Grosvenor, Mecca venues have attracted 4% more customers in five months than last year. The average weekly NGR for Q2 was also consistent with Q1. There was no significant increase in revenue due to the continued pressure on the cost of living and reduced visitors affected by the World Cup. The NRACHA venue has maintained strong performance, with net accrual revenue up 27% year-over-year. Growth has been driven broadly by investments in electronics that continue to deliver strong returns. 바카라

Overall, Rank Group’s digital business continued to grow by 11% from July to November. UK business grew 10% after Grosvenor switched to proprietary technology platform. Similarly, Rank International’s 13% revenue growth is driven by the continued growth of the Yobingo platform and is further supported by Yosport’s launch in October 2022.

The company has developed a performance improvement plan in anticipation of a longer-than-expected recovery at its Grosvenor venue, which is overshadowed by current macroeconomic challenges. Also, Mecca venue’s annual performance poses downside risks in 2023. Enracha venues are expected to continue solid performance as Spanish customers are less affected by the cost-of-living pressures. Rank Digital continues to focus on a richer live casino gaming experience and customized online bingo offerings.