ASA bans Sky Bet tweet containing Gary Neville’s Premier League predictions

Britain’s Advertising Standards Board (ASA) has banned Sky Bet tweets featuring Gary Neville for inappropriate content. Regulators have reportedly ruled that a video of a famous former footballer inserted into the post predicting a Premier League winner is likely to appeal strongly to minors. As Yahoo Financial reported, the ASA explained that the appearance represents a rule violation against gambling ads and prohibits Sky Bet from featuring celebrities in content other than adults.

The controversial post reportedly included an image of the former soccer player on the YouTube series The Overlap and was marked with the logo of Sky Bet, which included the text “Bring to you by Sky Bet” at the end of the video. Sources say the ASA considers Neville’s prediction of a Premier League winner “likely to have a strong appeal to under-18s” and therefore does not comply with the regulator’s code. Yahoo!finance reports that gambling is attractive to young people or associated with youth culture is considered non-compliant by regulators.

Sky Bet argues that the rules regulating gambling ads refer to adults in the first place because gambling is not aimed at under-18s, explaining that, as Yahoo Finance reported, the company-sponsored Neville’s production was “clearly in an adult mood and there was no content with a childish personality.” 바카라

The company also claimed that the legendary Manchester United player could not appeal to the 18-year-old because he may never have seen him play because he finished his professional career in 2011. However, the ASA calculated that Neville has about 7.1 million followers on Instagram and X and 135,000 youth followers on both social networks.

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