“Why did Matheus curse Kim Minjae”…Germany is also questionable, saying, “You’re doing really well…”

Germany’s “Bavarian Football,” which delivers news of Bayern Munich, said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “Coach Thomas Tuchel uses Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano as the main center backs combination. Luca Hernandez left and Matthias de Licht was injured. I tried to recruit Jerome Boateng, but it finally fell through. Upamecano should also be absent due to injury, he said, explaining the situation of Munich’s defense.

“Kim Min-jae will be the only mainstay of Munich’s defense. But there is no need to worry. Kim Min-jae is making progress every week. Christophe Proctor also acknowledged. “Kim Min-jae, who was recruited from Naples, is growing into a valuable player in Munich,” said the professional director. Outside the stadium, there is a lot of favor. He’s getting better and he’s a good person who’s fully focused on football, training and work. I said, ‘I’m lucky to have Munich,’ he said. 경마사이트

He mentioned Matheus’ criticism of Kim Min-jae. Munich and German legend Matheus pointed out Munich’s defense through Germany’s “Sky Sports,” saying, “Kim Min-jae is not as much as we expected. It is an element of uncertainty in Munich. Kim Min-jae is used to playing soccer in a different way than Munich. It’s not negative about recruiting, but you have to get used to the Bundesliga. He said, “I did really well in Italy, but Kim Min-jae is not living up to expectations.”

After the criticism of Matheus, Kim Min-jae showed his best defense. In the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Copenhagen, Kim Min-jae recorded five clearings, one shooting block, three interceptions, one tackle, 50% of the ground competition (two attempts-1 successful), and 71% of the air competition (seven attempts-5 successful attempts). It was great underfoot, too. There are 92% successful passes (99 attempts-91 successful), 67% successful long ball (12 attempts-8 successful), and one key pass. If you look at the heat map, it covers a wide area from the gate to the half line.

Kim Min-jae also showed amazing defense against Freiburg. What stood out as much as the defense was the build-up. Kim Min-jae recorded 180 touches on the ball, 92 percent success rate of passes, two long passes (seven attempts), and one key pass. After the game, soccer statistics media ‘OPTA’ shed light on Kim Min-jae’s build-up skills. Kim Min-jae recorded 171 passes against Freiburg. This is the record for the most passes in a single Bundesliga match since Aleksandar Dragovic scored 178 passes against Dusseldorf in Leverkusen in February 2019.

Kim Min-jae was at the center of the rear build-up situation, and most of them tried forward passes, opening the start of offensive development. The defense was excellent, too. He achieved three interceptions, two tackles, and a 100% success rate of aerial ball competition (eight attempts, eight successful attempts). Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance, Munich kept scoreless and maintained a stable flow, bothering Freiburg and eventually winning.

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