A new proposal to build billions of casino resorts on the Gold Coast

At the time, state Prime Minister Anastasia Palaszczuk said the opportunity for this type of project had not been completely scrapped and that the Gold Coast casino license was still available.

Local media reported earlier today that Gold Coast City Council had prepared a new proposal for the development of an integrated resort and informed Prime Minister Palaszk of the new plan in a letter to the state’s top official on Aug. 8.

The new plan includes the construction of a casino complex on a site located in the heart of Southport. According to media reports, the site includes Southport Balls Club, Queen’s Park Tennis Club and nearby Carey Park. If the new casino resort proposal is approved by the government, existing facilities will likely be relocated or incorporated into other sports clubs in the region.

Under a recently rejected plan, the China-backed investor group ASF consortium proposed building an integrated casino resort consisting of five towers on the site of Southport Spit, next to SeaWorld Marine Park. The developer was chosen as the preferred bidder for the construction of the Southport complex in 2014. It initially proposed a plan for a casino resort worth more than A$7 billion for a man-built Wavebreak island, but did not receive government approval.

As was known at the end of last month, a second proposal for an A$3 billion resort to Spit was also rejected by Prime Minister Palaszk’s government. 파친코

Local media reported that the new plan proposed by Gold Coast City Council includes a site located directly close to some of the land owned by the ASF consortium. Last year, the developer received approval from the government to proceed with the construction of two tower complexes. The Au development project includes a 66-story “gold” tower and a 15-story tower adjacent to it. The skyscraper will be “enclosed in gold glass” so that it can be easily distinguished from its surroundings.

According to media sources, the Au site was one of the sites discussed about the potential location of the casino.

It is also known that Gold Coast councillors have already discussed proposals for a new integrated resort. The new plan met with support from some lawmakers and opposition from others.

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