“36 games in 38 days.” Hell’s schedule starts…KIA needs a starting scene stealer for eight consecutive wins, even exceeding second place

KIA has won eight consecutive games and climbed to fourth place. Considering the desperate situation, it is likely to swallow up not only the third-place SSG but also the second-place KT rather than the pursuit of NC and Doosan. There is a 1.5 game difference between SSG and KT. There are many games left (36 games), so some predict that they will be able to catch up enough. However, it must exceed certain variables.

Starting this week, I’ll start my hellish schedule. Three consecutive games between Doosan and Jamsil from the 5th and four consecutive games between LG and Gwangju from the 8th are waiting. According to the current schedule, the game will be played nonstop until October 12. A doubleheader is included three times. Except for the moving day (Monday), there are only two days without a game. 36 games in 38 days.

The most important energy is the starters. It takes six starters a week to play a doubleheader three times. He also has to take turns taking the mound every four days. Meanwhile, Mario Sanchez is also out due to injury. Lee Eui-ri, who had fallen out due to shoulder inflammation, returned to the match against Incheon SSG on the 3rd but pitched only three innings. 스포츠토토

Moreover, from the 22nd, he must respond to the call-up of the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. On top of that, rookie Yoon Young-chul, who won eight games, is also tired, so it is burdensome to take the mound every four days. It will be a great help if Sanchez, who has been absent due to a four-week rehabilitation schedule, returns when Lee Eui-ri joins the national team. On the contrary, if it is difficult to return, the burden will inevitably increase.

In the process of winning eight consecutive games, KIA did not need a substitute pitcher as it rained for two consecutive days. It’s different from now on. We need three replacement starters this week right now. Hwang Dong-ha will start as a substitute starting pitcher against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 5th. Following Panoni, Yang Hyun-jong, and Yoon Young-chul, the doubleheader against LG on the 9th will be replaced by Lee Eui-ri.

LG also needs an alternative starter on the 10th, but Hwang Dong-ha or another pitcher must step up every four days. Currently, Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Geon-guk, Kim Yu-shin, and Kim Jae-yeol are considered alternative candidates. He has been steadily preparing for the Futures League as a starter. Left-hander Kim Ki-hoon is also playing multiple innings for the Futures team to pitch a lot, so he can start.

Aje is bound to have an absolute importance on the performance of the substitute starters. Alternative starters are applauded for just three innings. If he lasts up to five innings, he will be praised. Of course, it can be used as a 1+1 system. Strong batters shoot support and strong bullpen takes the mound. Of course, bullpen pitchers should be efficiently used on overcrowded schedules. A hero is needed among the alternative starters. The fate of autumn hangs on their shoulders.

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