“Why are you doing this to us, Hanwha?” When the 1st and 2nd teams meet the “last place,” they get nervous, and the opponent’s record is 5 wins, 5 losses, 6 wins, and 6 losses

Hanwha Eagles foreign pitcher Ricardo Sanchez started against the LG Twins on the 2nd and recorded six scoreless innings. He pitched an overwhelming number of innings with three batters until the sixth inning. He gave up three hits and struck out six against LG hitters, the team’s No. 1 batting average.

He slowed down slightly in the previous two games, but survived the match against LG. Hanwha, which had lost eight consecutive games, succeeded in escaping its losing streak thanks to Sanchez’s good pitching. This is not the first time left-hander Sanchez has pitched well against LG. On June 10, he pitched two hits and no runs in eight innings against LG. He started in two games and scored 14 scoreless innings with a “0.00” ERA. 바카라사이트

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who met before the game on the 3rd, said of Sanchez, “I threw a really hard ball to hit. He smiled bitterly, saying, “I think I’m only good at throwing it to our team.” Hanwha, which had a game on the 3rd, won two consecutive games after eight consecutive losses. On the first day of the three consecutive games, he lost 0-10 and was worried about the sweep, but he took the winning series. In the game on the 3rd, the concentration of the batters was good. Bullpen Pil Seung-jo made a near-perfect all-out pitch. Tuta, who had recently fallen to the bottom, slightly stretched. He was hit by Hanwha, the “last place,” but LG was less shocked. Second place KT Wiz, who is competing for first place, is ninth place Kiwoom.

This is because he was swept by the Heroes in three consecutive games. It was a shocking result because the Heroes are practically giving up their ranking competition and preparing for next season. There is a word that appears every year ahead of the end of the season. It’s the “red pepper powder” of the lower teams. The intensity of “chili powder” is likely to be strong this year. Competition for “lost place” is fierce beyond the competition for the lead. Compared to previous years, the power of the lower-ranked team is not significantly reduced.

In particular, Hanwha was relatively strong against LG and KT, which ranked first and second. He had six wins, one draw and six losses in 13 games against LG and five wins, one draw and five losses in 11 games against KT. None of the nine opposing teams had Hanwha’s dominance. The teams tied are LG, KT, and Samsung Lions. Relativity works even if there is a power difference between teams. Hanwha did not fall behind the two teams in the first half. It had four wins, one draw and five losses against LG. On June 10-12, he took the winning series of two wins and one loss in three consecutive games in Daejeon. He also beat KT, which did not have full power due to many injuries, with four wins, one draw and one loss.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul says, “There is no easy game to win against Hanwha.” Hanwha, which finished last for three consecutive years, did well with eight wins and eight losses against KT last year. Hanwha has three games left against LG and five against KT. It is a matchup that is not only linked to Hanwha’s leap to the middle but also to competition for the top rankings. Meanwhile, the Heroes fell far behind LG with 3 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses this season, but lost 9 wins and 6 losses to KT. There is one game left with both teams.

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