Broadcasters adopt mandate to engage women in 30s

Dramas and variety shows aimed at women viewers in their 30s are on the rise. Courtesy of TVing

Women in their 30s have emerged as a key demographic in content consumption, becoming a barometer of success for the industry. This generation bridges both TV and OTT platforms, driving strategies at networks like tvN and Tving.On average, women in their 30s subscribe to 2.5 streaming services and are the most frequent users of these platforms.Historically, the media industry has made frequent attempts to understand specific generations, such as Generation X, millennials and Generation Z, to quickly adapt to their needs and trends.In this dynamic viewing environment, women in their 30s stand out due to their high engagement, purchasing power and influence. Capturing the attention of this demographic often leads to attracting both younger and older viewers, prompting channels to focus heavily on this group.Women in their 30s enjoy a wide range of content, from genre series to romance dramas, and actively share their opinions, driving trends and showcasing significant purchasing power.Their extensive and enthusiastic consumption of content makes them a core target audience, with a spillover effect expected beyond this primary audience. This demographic subscribes to an average of 2.5 streaming services, the highest among all age groups, and constitutes the largest user base within each streaming platform.

Their active and sensitive engagement with content makes them a reliable predictor of content performance.For instance, tvN has increased the representation of 30-something women to 70 percent in its internal drama evaluation committee, reflecting its strategic focus on this demographic.Similarly, ENA has established its brand identity through popular shows like “I Am Solo,” appealing to women in their 30s.Women in their 30s are also valued for their dynamic viewing habits. They often switch from streaming platforms to TV if the content aligns with their preferences in terms of target, subject, genre and format.They do not restrict themselves to specific genres and actively seek out content that interests them across various platforms.Shows like Netflix’s “The Glory,” Wave’s “Weak Hero Class 1” and Coupang Play’s “Anna” illustrate their diverse consumption patterns. Additionally, they help attract new viewers by sharing their favorite content on social media in various ways.While it’s clear that no single generation dominates the content market entirely, women in their 30s stand out as a consumer group that effectively leverages both 카지노사이트킹 purchasing power and buzz.