R. Franco Digital, Pick & Shoot

R. Franco Digital, Spain’s leading iGaming provider, is adding technology-based elements to gameplay in its groundbreaking new experience, Pick & Shoot.

Starting with selecting a bet amount, players can choose from multiplier values between 1 and 77 times. As the multiplier value increases, their frequencies on the board decrease, introducing a gamified element of participation into the experience.

The final step in challenging the army to defeat the enemy is to select up to 20 areas out of 77 attack boxes on a lined battlefield grid. Users can customize their attacks to select different multiplier amounts for different points on the board. 온라인경마

After the player selects a target, the game displays the corresponding value for each point on the board and pays the multiplier amount for each exact matching box on the board.

Additional icons may also appear with multipliers ranging from 1x to 65x attached. These, combined with the value of the winning point, greatly increase the reward potential.

Pick & Shoot is a dynamic title that enhances the experience of iGaming enthusiasts, and is a testament to the commitment of providers to developing creativity and industry.

Commenting on the launch, Javier Sacristán Franco, director of international business at R. Franco Digital, said, “Pick and Shoot immerses players on the battlefield, selects target areas to eliminate competitors, and leverages multipliers to demonstrate solid reward potential.

“Our recent launch marks an important milestone in our game development, incorporating strategies to deliver the use of skill-based elements and engagement of the next level.”

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