“Shock” Mourinho was kicked out of Rome in tears “The owner hated it because of the ‘high house failure’ nature, not the grades.”

Italy, a soccer specialist “Get Football News,” said on the 17th (Korea Standard Time) that “Murinho’s attitude toward the owners was a big reason for the dismissal.” The media said, “The sudden announcement of Mourinho’s replacement was not a surprise. The owners were disappointed with the team’s performance this season, but they were particularly tired of Mourinho’s tough attitude. I didn’t understand him criticizing the referee and causing controversy and avoiding responsibility.”

According to the media, Mourinho’s verbal abuse against referee Anthony Taylor after losing the UEFA Europa League final against Sevilla last season became a trigger for him to become estranged from the owners. The media said, “Mourinho was dismissed for his actions, not his poor performance.” 토토사이트 추천

Sky Sports of the U.K. reported on Wednesday that Mourinho was in tears as he left Rome. In the video that was released, Mourinho turned red as if he was emotional when fans said goodbye. Mourinho, who was being greeted by fans, soon became tearful and the car carrying him departed. Fans sang Mourinho’s cheer song to the departing car and comforted him. Some fans burst into tears.

“Blood, sweat, tears, joy, sadness, love, history, heart and eternity,” Mourinho said on his social networking service. Rome announced the dismissal of Mourinho the day before. “Mourinho, who was the 60th coach of the club, will leave Rome. He led Rome to the UEFA Europa League (UECL) trophy in 2022 and advanced to the UEFA Europa League (UEL) final last season.”

Dan Friedkin, the owner of the club, has decided to replace Mourinho, and is said to have delivered the news in person. “On behalf of Roma, I would like to express my gratitude for Mourinho’s passion and dedication. Roma will always have good memories with him. I wish him all the best.” However, he explained the reason for his dismissal, saying, “Roma needed a change right away and made the best decision.”

The reason behind Mourinho’s dismissal is his lackluster performance. He led the team to win the UECL and advance to the final of the UEL, but is now in ninth place with eight wins, five draws and seven losses (29 points) from Serie A this season. Notably, his recent slump was painful. He lost to Juventus 0-1 on March 31 and drew 1-1 with Atalanta on March 8. He lost 3-1 to AC Milan on May 15, losing his second consecutive game after the quarterfinal match between Lazio and Copa Italy on May 11. A day after losing to AC Milan, Roma replaced Mourinho.

The Athletic reported that Mourinho ranked sixth in overall reports over the past two seasons. He slipped to ninth after losing to Bologna, Juventus and AC Milan. He was completely out of the top ranks.” Shortly after Mourinho’s replacement, Roma announced their replacement. They are Daniele de Rossi, a club legend. “De Rossi became the manager of Roma. I’m glad to announce the news,” Roma said on their official channel. The contract expires this season.

“I am delighted to have De Rossi become our manager. I believed in his leadership and ambition,” Dan Pradkin said. “I am well aware of the tenacity of De Rossi and Roma. They immediately accepted the challenges that they have to deal with over the months. He is capable of representing the traditions and values of the club with pride. Welcome home.”

De Rossi, a legendary midfielder of the club, said in an official interview with the club, “I am grateful to the Friedkin family for giving me the managerial position. I know nothing but sacrifice. I am waiting for the challenge facing Rome.” “Words cannot describe the meaning of Rome. Everyone knows what Rome means to me. I had no choice or time. I will be competitive and fight for my goal. All I have to do is work for the club with the players.”

De Rossi won two Super Cups in Italy in 2007 and 2008. He also had a brilliant career for the Italian national team. De Rossi is a key midfielder of the Azuri Corps and has played in 117 matches. He is the fourth player in Italy’s history to make the most appearances. He also won the 2006 World Cup in Germany along with Francesco Totti and Simone Perota.

De Rossi has the second most appearances in Roman history. According to “Transfermarkt,” De Rossi has 63 goals and 60 assists in 616 matches. Totti (783 matches) has the largest number of appearances. The record has been difficult to break for a while. There is no active Roman player in the top five.

De Rossi made his professional debut in 2001, ending his 19-year career. He began his coaching career in March 2021. He was a technical coach for the Italian national team for about a year and a half. He coached for the national team from January 2022 to October 2022. His coaching experience is short. De Rossi spent about four months managing SPAL in Serie C, Italy. According to Transfermarkt, De Rossi averaged 0.88 points per game in 17 games. His second coaching job will be held in Rome, his former team.

Mourinho, the “Special One” coach, is a mastermind who represents Europe. He served as the coach for many big league teams in the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and other European leagues. It was the beginning of the legend that led Porto to the top of the UCL in the early 2000s. He also led the team brilliantly under Roman Abramovich’s leadership. When Chelsea won the EPL, his nickname was “I am special (Special One).”

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