Yggdrasil & ReelPlay Partners For Mega Money Machines

Yggdrasil, a leading iGaming publisher, has once again teamed up with ReelPlay to deliver the Mega Money Machine, and the innovative Reel will offer players the opportunity to offer some over-reward.

The game features one winning line and is played over three to four reels depending on the stakes selected. The total victory is determined by the combination of numbers that appear on the median pay line. These numbers are combined from left to right in direct response to the amount of betting to form a total victory.

During any rotation, the position of each reel can be moved, and 0 or 00 can be moved to the rightmost reel, increasing the compensation by 10 or even 100 times. 온라인카지노

Mega Money Machine is the latest title from ReelPlay’s Australian studio as part of a recently released YG Masters offering that includes Hercules 10K WAYs and Fruit Combinator.

The title is based on Igdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology, GATI. This enables partners to continuously produce and quickly deploy cutting-edge content using standardized development toolkits that align with preconfigured regulations.

Mark McGinley, Yggdrasil’s chief gaming officer, said, “ReelPlay is a very successful member of the YG Masters program, confidently exploring new themes and dynamics, and no one is more daring than what you see on a Mega Money Machine.

“As a way to visually clearly emphasize the money paid to the players, this is a simple, action-packed game where only one line matters!”

David Johnson, CEO of ReelPlay, said, “Mega money machines are the starting point for ReelPlay. The relatively straightforward ‘What you see is you win’ mechanic said, demonstrating our ability to transition from a complex proprietary 10K WAYs & Infinity REELs engine to a simpler but less playable format for different player types.”

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