(Yonhap) Choi Song-ah, head coach of the South Korean women’s national team, Colleen Bell (England), who returned from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia-New Zealand with a group stage exit, vowed to prepare for the future with a sober analysis. “I’m happy to be back in Korea, but I’m very disappointed that we didn’t make it to the round of 16,” Bell told reporters on Friday after returning home from Incheon International Airport. Bell’s women’s team finished last in Group H of the World Cup with one draw and two losses, and failed to qualify for the round of 16.They lost back-to-back games to Colombia (0-2) and Morocco (0-1) before narrowly avoiding a three-game sweep with a 1-1 draw against Germany on Wednesday. Bell said, “Against Colombia, we were fine in the first 30 minutes, but after conceding the penalty, we froze and got nervous. After the second goal, we played as if we didn’t think we could turn the game around. Against Morocco, the players were very nervous in the first half,” he recalled .”I’m satisfied with the performance and the result,” he concluded. In particular, he was encouraged by the performances of young players Casey Eugene Fair (PDA) and Chun Garam (Hwacheon KSPO), while Lee Young-joo (Madrid CFF) played well for the first time in more than a year. The final draw, which denied FIFA No. 2 Germany their first-ever group stage exit, was significant, but it doesn’t change the fact that they failed to advance beyond the group stage without a win.”As a coach, I think I have a responsibility to the team,” Bell said. It’s my job to analyze the reasons for the outcome of this tournament,” Bell said, “and I’m going to do that with a cool head. “I will analyze the reasons for the outcome of the tournament with a cool head and reflect on what we learned and experienced .”This is a very important time for Korean women’s soccer. There are many players with good skills, but there are also players who are approaching or have passed their 30s.” “It is also important to see where and how the younger players are doing. This is something we will work on over time,” he said, adding that he is committed to developing young talent .He also called for continued “dedication” from the players, saying, “I think the level of women’s soccer in the world is getting higher and higher, and I think the players who are 카지노 there need to be really committed, really intense .Bell also emphasized the need for the players to get used to the competitive environment. “We’ve seen players struggle with high expectations,” he said, “and they need to be exposed to competitive, stressful situations so often that it’s in their DNA to be able to cope. “Even strong teams like Brazil and Germany were eliminated because they were unable to withstand the high expectations under pressure.” “World women’s soccer continues to develop and evolve. The expectations and demands of the fans are also increasing, and the players must be able to handle them .In that regard, Bell sees the upcoming events, including the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers, as an opportunity. “I haven’t really thought about the Asian Games yet because I’ve been immersed in the World Cup. “We didn’t really think about coming home today because we were expecting to get to the round of 16,” he said, adding, “We’ll take some time to review the World Cup and make a plan. “What we showed against Germany is our ‘normal’ performance. That’s what our players want to do, that’s what they can do, that’s what our fans want to see,” he said, adding, “We left something like that behind and I think we can keep the good momentum going into the Asian Games.”

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