Win Asian Pacific Cup DILIGENT-YC in the final match of the finals

DILIGENT-YC, a former world champion of “SWC2021,” won the “Summer’s War World Arena Championship 2023” Asia Pacific Cup.
The Asia Pacific Cup is the final match of the finals of “SWC2023, an e-sports competition of Com2u’s global hit “Summer’s War: Arena of Perforation” (hereinafter referred to as Summer’s War). It was held in Taipei, Taiwan, at 14:00 on the 21st (Korean time).

All matches were broadcast live in various languages on the “Summer’s War” e-sports YouTube channel. 온라인카지노

At the site, things to enjoy, including souvenirs produced with SPEXTRUM, an eco-friendly lifestyle goods company, added to the atmosphere of the festival.

Viewing parties were also held from 13:00 in Daejeon and Tokyo.

DILIGENT-YC and TAKUZO10 were selected to advance to the World Final after determining the match through the quarter-final single-illimination tournament.

Dark horse TAKUZO10, which beat “Summer’s War” Korea-Japan Super Match Player KANITAMA in the Japanese preliminary round, defeated DUCHAN and ZZI-SOONG in succession to advance to the final.

DILIGENT-YC reached the final, beating KAMECHAN and MONKEYGXCLAS in turn.

The final match was a fierce battle, contrary to the audience’s expectation that DILIGENT-YC, a champion-turned-powerhouse, would overwhelm TAKUZO10.

After a full match, DILIGENT-YC, who skillfully used dark-attributed desert queen and light-attributed Ungmyo Musa, won the final set and recaptured the title of the strongest player in the Asia-Pacific region for the first time in two years.

Meanwhile, Com2uS has confirmed all eight players who will advance to the World Final after finishing the finals of “SWC2023” with the Asia Pacific Cup. The world final will be held on November 4 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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