Why is Kim Ha-sung suing Kiwoom’s fellow player?

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said it has recently received a complaint filed by Kim Ha-sung’s lawyer against a junior baseball player A and is investigating it. Kim Ha-sung is said to have claimed through his lawyer that “A continuously demanded money and goods” in the complaint. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Kim Ha-sung claims that two years ago, he had physical contact with A at a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul, and has since been asked for money and valuables several times in the name of the settlement for assault. A police official said, “We have conducted an investigation into the complainant today,” adding, “We are checking the facts.”

On the same day, MHN Sports quoted Summit Management, Kim Ha-sung’s agent, as saying, “We reached an agreement right before Kim Ha-sung went to the U.S. However, after that, A kept calling,” adding, “It wasn’t Kim Ha-sung’s unilateral assault at the time, but rather a scuffle. However, just before entering the U.S., I delivered the settlement money because I didn’t want to make much of a deal. It’s definitely not a one-sided assault.”

“A continued to threaten to be compensated in the name of ‘defamation,'” he said. “The threat continued right after winning the Gold Glove. A also mentioned content that had nothing to do with the facts. In response, the agency decided to file a complaint.”

“There are many contents that can prove that Kim Ha-sung did not unilaterally assault, starting with the evidence,” he said, stressing, “Kim Ha-sung is an obvious victim.”

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