When is Son Heung-min coming? “Korea’s best 16 teams, unable to return early.” He’s already crying

Tottenham is going through the schedule without Son from the beginning of the new year. Son Heung-min is heading to the Korean national soccer team after the match against Bournemouth on the last day of last year. While Son was away for a while, quite a few changes are taking place. To fill Son’s absence, Timo Werner, who dominated the German Bundesliga, was hired on loan, and the defense has also changed due to the release of Eric Dier (Bayern Munich) and the addition of Radu Dragucine.

As soon as the winter transfer window opened, it was quite unusual for a striker to be selected as the first recruit. Up until last year, Tottenham’s priority for reinforcement was seen as its defense. However, Coach Angé Postecoglou did not leave Son’s absence untouched. He felt he needed to fill even a little bit. 토토사이트 순위

Son Heung-min had 12 goals and five assists in this season, taking responsibility for Tottenham’s vacancy. More than anything else, I felt his presence before leaving. Son showed off his skills throughout the first half of the year, moving between left wing forward and center striker. He had one goal and one assist in the 14th round against Manchester City, and one-man show with one goal and two assists in the 16th round against Newcastle United. He continued his strong performance in three consecutive games, including the one against Everton (one goal), the one against Brighton (one assist), and the one against Bournemouth (one goal).

Son received the absolute support of Tottenham fans. He beat Giovanni Lo Celso, who scored in the match against Manchester City, and Martha Thomas of the women’s team, who scored in the Arsenal and North London derby, to become the winner of the December goal. It is the third time that Son has been named the goal of the month this season, and the match against Arsenal in September last year and Crystal Palace in October this year, enjoying the joy of winning the title for two consecutive months.

As Son Heung-min supported Tottenham so much, Tottenham couldn’t afford to miss the schedule early in the new year. In fact, even though he attempted 16 shots in the third round (round of 64) of the FA Cup against Burnley, which was his first official match in 2024, he only garnered one goal through mid-range shots fired by defender Pedro Porro. Even after winning the match, he felt regret over his ability to score goals, and decided to step up efforts to reinforce strikers.

To that end, Werner was brought in. Werner made his Tottenham debut through a match against Manchester United on the 15th. He showed both strengths and weaknesses. Werner provided assistance from his debut through the strength of speed and linked play. He also displayed commitment in shooting attempts and created corner kicks frequently. It was encouraging to approach the attack in various ways.

However, there was regret when it came to expecting a goal like Son. Werner displayed strong motivation by scoring five shots on the day. However, nothing was found that flew towards the goal of Manchester United. Two were hit by opponent’s defense, and the third hit the goalpost.

In particular, Son Heung-min sighed as his shot, which he made in the same position with his right foot, flew far away from the stands. He seemed to have lost confidence in his shooting, but in the second half, he focused on attacking his teammates in a wide space. He seemed to pay attention to the winger’s movement as he lightly crossed the defender.

Confirming Son Heung-min’s presence, the British community began to show interest in South Korea’s performance. Football London on the 22nd (Korean time) looked into when Son Heung-min, who was drafted to the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup, could return.

“Korea is most likely to advance to the round of 16 with four points in the group league. Son was silent in the match against Bahrain, where Korea won 3-1, but scored the first goal of the tournament in the match against Jordan,” the media said in detail.

“In the Asian Cup, four of the third-place teams in the six groups will also advance to the knockout stage. Therefore, as Korea is guaranteed to be in the top three in Group E, the possibility of Son’s early return has become impossible,” he admitted.

In fact, Tottenham didn’t think of Son coming back so fast. Son Heung-min will not be able to play in up to six games before being drafted. The prevailing view was that Korea would stay in Qatar for a long time as it has been deploying all-time overseas players including Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers).

Football London, which looked at Korea’s advance to the tournament, said, “At the time of the round of 16 of the Asian Cup, Tottenham will play Brentford in the 22nd round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season. If Korea is eliminated from the round of 16, Son Heung-min can return before the match against Everton on Feb. 3.”

However, he said, “Korea is unlikely to return to the match against Everton as the team is expected to advance much further than the round of 16. If Korea is eliminated from the quarterfinals, it will be able to play against Brighton & Hove Albion on Feb. 11.”

If Son achieves his first Asian Cup title in 64 years, the long-cherished dream of Korean soccer, his return match will be against Wolverhampton on Feb. 18. The shock draw against Jordan twisted the original plan for the Clinsman team, but Son is painting his return to Tottenham as late as possible.

Before leaving for the national team, Son told Tottenham fans, “I am sorry that I cannot share my team’s schedule at an important time. However, the Asian Cup is a very important competition for me,” aiming to win the title.

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