“We will catch Kim Sun-bin. The gap has narrowed a lot.” When will the negotiations be concluded?

That was Shim’s first word on the recent joke that reporters have nothing to do because KIA is too quiet. If a season is a war for players, the Stove League is a war for the front office. Shim was no exception. He is joking around, but KIA Tigers was also doing its best under the water.

KIA has not been active in external FA since the season. Of course, he said it would be good to catch it, but he did not intend to force himself into the war. And during the season, he has repeatedly told the media that he is focusing most on long-term contracts with Kim Tae-gun, FA with Kim Sun-bin and Ko Jong-wook, and long-term contracts with Choi Hyung-woo. (This was also revealed during the season on YouTube run by this reporter.)

He is walking along without breaking away from this planning structure. First, negotiations with Kim Tae-gun and Ko Jong-wook were completed safely. The problem is that negotiations with Kim are quite difficult. Kim played 418 times at bat in this season and recorded the batting average of 0.321. He has a considerable batting average. Moreover, he led his team as captain this season.

Kim Sun-bin’s point of view will want to be treated fairly. In particular, Ahn Chi-hong, who moved to Hanwha, hit a jackpot of up to KRW 7.2 billion for up to six years.

However, Kia’s position is not like that again. Usually, an FA is made up of the sum of present and future values. Kim’s future value is not evaluated as high as expected. Kim has not had a single home run and only three stolen bases this season. Above all, the scope of defense at second base has narrowed significantly. Other than contact capabilities, utilization is limited.

As he sees the “aging curve,” he cannot simply listen to all Kim’s demands. However, he cannot be tough on Kim. Kim has made contributions to his team so far. Shim Jae-hak said in a strong tone, “We need Kim Sun-bin. And I am thinking of catching him.” “I am trying to narrow the distance by continuing to meet with my agent and talking on the phone frequently. We are still negotiating, but the gap has narrowed a lot.” He expressed in a hurry that he would make progress even though it would not be concluded immediately. 메이저 토토사이트

After all, if there is a difference in total amount, the best thing to adjust the difference in position is options. From KIA’s point of view, it is good to set a large number of options that you can take if you do well to increase the motivation of players and increase the total amount as players.

The question is how difficult this option is, and to what extent the player can accept it. Currently, Kim Sun-bin is not very easy to transfer to another club. From Kim Sun-bin’s point of view, it is best to negotiate with KIA. KIA manager Kim Jong-guk said, “We need Kim Sun-bin. I have actively asked the club to need Kim Sun-bin.”

There is still a gap in opinion between the two hands. However, Kia presented an amendment bill, and the two sides are not turning a blind eye to each other. Negotiations sometimes accelerate at some point even when they remain fixed. For the moment, KIA and Kim Sun-bin are calmly narrowing their opinions.

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