“watching the second round of the draft”

SSG Landers veteran catcher Lee Jae-won is considering whether to extend his career.

SSG veteran catcher Lee Jae-won, the man who won the 2018 Korean Series and holds the title of “winning catcher,” is considering whether to extend his career.

In fact, fans have been asking about the possibility of his retirement. This is because his number of first-team appearances has dropped significantly this season. Last year, Lee was a consistent first-team player, but this season, he only played 27 first-team games. His time in the second team was longer.

His struggles in both hitting and defense were deep, and even when he did make it to the first team, he didn’t get much playing time. SSG added Lee Jae-won to the roster for the postseason, using a three-catcher system with Kim Min-sik and Cho Hyung-woo, but they were unfortunately eliminated in three games. Lee Jae-won also hung his head in shame.

SSG is currently a team with catcher issues.

They have a promising player in Cho Hyung-woo, but he needs more time to develop into a complete player.

Kim Min-sik, the current starting catcher, is set to become a free agent. Unless something changes, Kim will declare his free agency and start negotiations. SSG is also looking at various options to sign him internally.

The possibility of Lee Jae-won extending his career is a personal matter. The player has the will, 먹튀검증토토사이트 and the club will respect his wishes as much as possible. “We will discuss Jae-won’s future after the second round of the draft,” SSG said.

The secondary draft, which was abolished and revived this year due to the high-profile failure of the Futures Free Agency system, will be held on May 22. Players in years one through three are automatically protected, and any player not on the 35-man protected list can be picked up by another team for a transfer fee.

For teams that have not yet announced their roster cuts, they will wait until the secondary draft to finalize their decisions.

The same goes for Lee Jae-won. A possible move in the second round could be a turning point in his career. There are still teams that need a veteran catcher.

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