“Uzbeck Mercenary” Kim Bo-yong, “Football player and YouTuber are my life…Let’s meet in the K4 League now!”

It is the first time that Kim Bo-yong (26), who is known as a “Uzbeck mercenary” on YouTube, visited a media company for an interview. He did not receive much media attention. However, when he joined Bucheon FC in the K League 2 in July last year, he drew much attention. As a promising prospect up until three years ago, he returned to his home country after going through all sorts of ups and downs. “I was so happy to return to the K League after living abroad for three years. I had a lot of worries and fears, but I gained confidence that I could do well,” said Kim Bo-yong, who recently met him at the Hankook Ilbo building in central Seoul.

Kim Bo-yong played as a flanker and a central striker in Bucheon. As if seeing Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), he showed excellent 바카라사이트 penetration and penetration capability, and bullied rival defenders by clever play using both feet. He joined Bucheon during the season, but quickly became an ace player without having time to adapt. However, he failed to score a goal in Bucheon last season due to lack of capacity to score goals.

“I have not scored a goal and have no offensive points, but I think I have improved so much myself. It is true that I was full of confidence as I returned to the K-League for the first time. However, it was a little difficult at the end of the season as I was shrinking due to lack of goals scored. It was not difficult to beat opponents in a 1:1 situation in Thailand, but it did not work for Korean soccer, which has excellent teamwork. The coach gave me many opportunities to play, but I think I was not good enough.”

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