Tottenham’s nine-year dedication center back, who was blatantly shunned…After all, if you’re sure to sell it in January

British media ‘Express’ reported on the 26th (Korea Standard Time) that Tottenham manager Engie Postecoglou has decided on a player to send in January. Dyer has effectively been abandoned under Postecoglou. The Express said that Dyer, who has been out of interest, is expected to leave the team after nine and a half seasons at Tottenham. Dyer has become clear that he does not fit with Postecoglou’s style of putting strong forward pressure.

Dyer first joined Tottenham in 2014. Mauricio Pochettino fully supported Dyer at the time. He established himself at Tottenham as a key member of the generational shift. His predecessor Antonio Conte also appointed Dyer. However, Dyer lost ground as Postecoglou took the helm. Unlike previous coaches who focused on defense, Postecoglou raised his line as much as possible. With more space behind the defense, players who could not back up quickly fell behind in the competition. Speed was Dyer’s fatal weakness. 사설 토토사이트

Postecoglou selected Christian Romero and new face Mickey Vanderben as the starting center backs. With Romero suspended and Vanderben injured, Dyer seemed to have a chance. Postecoglou chose full-backs Emirsong Royal and Ben Davies as the center defenders for Dyer, who was fine. This was like notifying Dyer to leave the team.

“If you can’t play as a starting member of the first team at that age, you have to leave,” soccer expert Stuart Pierce said of Dyer. Postecoglou must have made up his mind. Tottenham uses forward pressure tactics that expose its rear side a lot. It is time to use a manic player. Dyer said, “Now is a good time to move.” The Express said Dyer appeared in 49 matches as a member of the English national team. He can play as a central midfielder as well as defend himself. Fenerbahce of Turkey expressed his interest in Dyer.

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