Tottenham’s malicious inventory MF → transfer fee, which is 22 billion more expensive than Madison, cannot be recovered

British media outlet GiveMisport said on the 25th (Korea Standard Time), “Tottenham will have difficulty securing Ndombele transfer fee,” adding, “Galatasaray plans to end Ndombele’s lease early ahead of the January transfer market. Galatasaray said he plans to discuss with Tottenham to exclude Ndombele from the squad after being eliminated from the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.” The media said, “Ndombele ordered a hamburger at his team’s lodging after losing the UEFA Champions League game against Bayern Munich in October, and he was criticized for failing to manage his weight.”

In addition, “Tottenham is looking for a club that wants to recruit Ndombele and is preparing for a significant loss of transfer fee.” “Tottenham is not considering the early termination of his contract with Ndombele,” he said. “It will be difficult for Tottenham to earn Ndombele transfer fee revenue.” Ndombele, who has about a year left on his contract with Tottenham, is set to move to his last transfer window. Galatasaray added that he has the option to fully recruit Ndombele, but he will not recruit Ndombele. 온라인경마

Tottenham recruited Ndombele, who played for Lyon, in 2019. At the time, Tottenham paid 62 million euros (about 89 billion won), the club’s highest transfer fee ever, and the record for Tottenham’s highest transfer fee has yet to be broken. Madison acquired by Tottenham ahead of this season is known to be 46.3 million euros (about 66.4 billion won).

Ndombele was a midfielder recruited by Tottenham with high expectations, but he played a disappointing role at Tottenham. Ndombele was loaned to his club Lyon before the 2021-22 season and was loaned to Napoli last season to play a leading role in Serie A. Ndombele was impressive on the Serie A stage, but Tottenham sent Ndombele on loan to Galatasaray this season. Tottenham classified Ndombele as an out-of-strength player and sought a full transfer after signing Galatasaray, but Galatasaray is expected to send Ndombele back to Tottenham. Tottenham’s contract with Ndombele is about to expire, but it is not easy to dispose of Ndombele.

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