Tottenham, a helping hand was useless

Tottenham ‘dedicated’ PK to defense collapse
Brighton were thrashed 2-4 on the road
“Son Heungmin’s season 5th AS well”

No matter how well he played in the offense, the defense had no choice but to collapse. Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) fought hard by posting a full-time performance and an offensive point, but failed to prevent Tottenham from losing completely.

At an away game against Brighton and Hove Albion (hereinafter referred to as Brighton) in the 19th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at Amex Stadium in Palmer, England on Monday, Son played full-time and recorded one assist. This is Son’s fifth assist in this season. Son, who scored the finishing goal at the match against Everton on the 24th, scored attack points for two consecutive games, increasing the total number of attack points for this season to 16 (11 goals and five assists). 안전놀이터

However, Tottenham lost 2-4 to Brighton. The upward trend of its three consecutive wins in the recent league has also stopped. Tottenham, which maintained 36 points, stayed in fifth place.

Son Heung-min diligently sought a goal as a left flanker. However, Tottenham contributed two goals in the first half alone. Amid the gloomy atmosphere, the team lost points in succession in the 19th and 30th minutes of the second half, completely overcoming its victory.

The game was played as the current situation of Tottenham’s defense was revealed. Coach Ange Postecoglou filled all four backs with fullbacks on the day. Central defenders Mickey Pantherpen and Christian Romero were sidelined due to injury. Besides them, Eric Dier and Ashley Phillips are the central defense resources, but Postecoglou, who does not prefer them, only filled the defense with fullbacks without center backs. Tottenham’s four-back line was shaken up due to Brighton’s onslaught throughout the day.

Tottenham’s offense, led by Son Heung-min, didn’t give up even though they gave up four goals first. Son Heung-min gave up a pass from the right side to the other side of the penalty area in the 36th minute of the second half, and Alejo Bellis, who caught it, scored a goal to help. Tottenham trailed by two goals by adding Ben Davies’ header four minutes later, but failed to score another goal afterwards.

“It was a disappointing performance. It wasn’t the kind of performance that we had this season,” Son said after the match. “Now is not the time to point fingers at each other. We need to learn from today’s lesson again,” he said, stressing that he should move forward again.

Tottenham will play a 20th round match against Bournemouth at its home on Saturday. After this match, Son along with other European players will leave for Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where the Korean national soccer team will hold off-season training on January 3 next year, and will start preparations for the Asian Cup in earnest. Ahead of the Asian Cup, it is time to boost his performance by scoring goals again.

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