The opponent was Ulsan, the “absolutely the best.”

Gwangju FC is the best ‘goblin team’ in K League 1. The “promotion team,” which no one paid attention to before the opening, now receives the most spotlight. It’s worth it. He dreams of the highest position in the club’s history while doing better than expected. I am simply not satisfied with entering the Final A (1st to 6th place).

Gwangju proved its potential in the 29th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” away match against leading Ulsan Hyundai at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 3rd. With a 2-0 win, he gained 45 points (12 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses) and jumped to third place. On the other hand, Ulsan remained flat with 61 points.

Gwangju is inferior in all aspects, including name value, ransom, power, winning experience, and infrastructure. However, director Lee Jung-hyo’s Gwangju is different. He sometimes stimulates his opponent with his slip of the tongue caused by strong confidence, but he often reminds them that soccer is a team sport. 스포츠토토

The color of Gwangju is clear. Always chants ‘forward to attack’. Even if he met Jeonbuk Hyundai, which boasts the most wins, and faced Pohang Steelers, the “master of tradition,” he was not intimidated. He was also confident in the Ulsan expedition. Director Lee said, “I will fight against you. “I thought about how to pierce it, not how to stop it,” he said, signaling a head-on collision.

Conditions were not good. The main forces have been dislodged in large numbers. Um Ji-sung and Heo Yul were selected for the Olympic team. Asani was sidelined with accumulated warnings and Timo was sidelined with injuries. Nevertheless, it occurred to me. He has been undefeated (3 wins and 5 draws) for the past eight consecutive games. Ulsan, which had previously led the opponent with 16 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss, and laughed in all two meetings this year, was shrinking. Considering the fierce pursuit of second-place Pohang (53 points), his body was heavy and his performance was dull.

Coach Lee’s prediction, “It opens when you tap,” was right in the 17th minute of the first half. Ulsan defender Jung Seung-hyun, central midfielder Lee Dong-kyung and Lee Kyu-sung made a mistake of dropping the ball back while delaying the handling of the ball, and Gwangju striker Lee Kun-hee, who pushed it bluntly, led to his fourth goal of the season.

Gwangju’s second half was even fiercer. The law of “As Lee Jung-hyo Thought” was right again. Becca’s goal in the 9th minute of the second half was the scene that the visiting team bench wanted. Coach Lee said, “We put all the players who have scored. “Becca is scoreless,” he said, hoping for the Georgia striker’s K-League debut goal, which he joined in June, but it paid off meaningfully.

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