Night lights are allowed in gambling houses

Originally, an ordinance issued in early September banned the operation of lighting or light-emitting advertising systems from 10 p.m. to 4 p.m. the next day. This effectively prohibited night lights with names marking transactions at the same location during opening hours. Exceptions apply only when lighting is required to maintain traffic safety or to prevent other hazards. However, on September 28, the federal cabinet decided on some changes.

This opens the way for not only betting shops, but also shops, casinos, game rooms, and banks to turn on their neon signs at night. However, the prerequisite is to be open during this time. 슬롯머신<

With this adjustment, the federal cabinet is responding to the needs of the economy. The German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA warned that the lack of lighting is already making difficult situations more difficult for many businesses. Representatives of arcades, casinos and betting offices are likely to feel the same way, as they will also be allowed to leave the lights on in front of the store in the future.

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