“The championship continued to fail, but I feel like I’m starting anew again”

Immediately in the next 2022-2023 season, he showed a scary momentum, winning 15 consecutive games in the opening. However, during the season, the main players such as Yasmin (27) and libero Kim Yeon-gyeon (30) were injured one after another and struggled. Heungkuk Life (82 points) led by “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung (35) finished the season in second place (70 points).

He went straight to the postseason playoffs (PO) on his own, but his journey to win stopped. He played the best-of-three match against the Korea Expressway Corporation, but failed to advance to the championship match as he gave up both the first and second rounds.

As such, all Hyundai Engineering & Construction players have a strong desire to win the new season. Yang Hyo-jin, who is sweating to reach the top again, clenched his fist, saying, “The championship continued to fail, but I feel like I’m starting anew again,” adding, “As new members have also been put in, expectations for the new season are high.”

As injuries hampered last season, the focus is on physical strength. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It hasn’t been long since I started team training because there were so many injured players until recently,” adding, “Coach (Kang Hyung-sik) seems to be focusing on improving his physical strength during the off-season to withstand the new season.”

Unfortunately, he missed the championship, but there was no excuse. Yang Hyo-jin said, “The season doesn’t seem to know an inch ahead. “I think it’s always something to keep in mind that there are variables in the composition of the players,” he said adding, “Skill is important, but we need to manage the external parts well.” He added, “I think everyone will be more responsible than last season.”

Still, it was the foundation for young players to grow. Yang Hyo-jin, who looked at them, said, “I remembered my childhood when I had a lot of difficulties and a great desire to learn. “I always had a desire that was not fulfilled,” he said adding, “I was proud of my young friends and wanted to support them.”

As we suffered a slump in the second half of last season, we want to show steady performance in the new season. Yang Hyo-jin said, “The beginning of the season is the most important. It’s important to set the mood in the first to third rounds, but we were bad in the second half, he said. “As it’s a long-term race, I hope you can keep your physical strength and show a steady performance until the end of the season.”

Three junior players, Lee Da-hyun (22), Kim Da-in (24), and Jung Ji-yoon (22), who are cherished in his team, participated in the 2023 VNL last month with the Taegeuk mark. Although he did not return with good results, Yang Hyo-jin deeply sympathized with the hard work of his juniors and tapped his shoulders. He said, “I had nothing to say but good work,” adding, “As the tournament schedule is tight, the first thing I thought of was good work because I know it’s very physically difficult.”

Coincidentally, Yang Hyo-jin is suffering from growing pains after returning the Taegeuk mark. In response, Yang Hyo-jin said, “You can’t be full with the first drink. “I think it’s still a difficult time in many ways,” he said adding, “I think I have no choice but to support him because I didn’t accompany him.”

The national team is said to be unable to keep up with the rapidly changing trend of world volleyball. Yang Hyo-jin also sympathized with this and explained, “Women’s volleyball has recently changed to a feeling like men’s volleyball,” adding, “In the past, there was a cute part, but now it has turned into an aggressive and powerful play.”

The national team still needs more time as it is a generational shift that began at the time when global volleyball is changing. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It is difficult to improve your skills at once. “It’s the same in general social life,” he said. “If I learn step by step, I think I’ll become stronger not only individually but also as a team.”

Yang Hyo-jin, who has experienced all the hardships of his juniors, said, “I personally felt a lot in the national team,” adding, “I think I thought a lot about what I should develop and supplement through the game.” The juniors are also expecting to grow through this process.

What is the most memorable scene for Yang Hyo-jin, who has enjoyed many honors in the national team in the past. Yang Hyo-jin said, “I remember the most when I participated in the Olympics. “I still remember the 2012 London Games, which I participated for the first time, vividly as it was yesterday,” he said adding, “I kept thinking that I couldn’t catch the opponent’s middle blocker’s attack against Japan, but I thought I shouldn’t miss it at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.” He added, “It was hard to look back now, but I think I had fun in volleyball.”

Yang Hyo-jin also boasts several colorful individual awards, including blocking awards and best middle blockers. In response, Yang Hyo-jin said, “I think I was attached to blocking,” adding, “I had a lot of thoughts about how to help the team as a middle blocker.”

As she led the golden age of Korean women’s volleyball, she has a special attachment to the national team. Yang Hyo-jin said, “It was a place where I could feel the pain of growth properly,” adding, “I could know exactly where my current address was, and I looked back on myself and tried again.” “It was very difficult at the time, but I thought it was a necessary process as a player,” he nodded. 바카라

As such, there are many messages that I want to convey to juniors who are currently suffering from a slump. Yang Hyo-jin deeply sympathized with his juniors’ grievances, saying, “When I think it’s impossible, my self-esteem will decrease,” adding, “Foreign players have such good physical conditions that they can feel like a different world.” He then cheered, saying, “Still, they are working hard and doing well, so I believe they will be able to move forward.

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