Texans: We’re starting our bets

A new poll shows that Texans support the idea of land-based casinos and digital sports betting. The Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation found that 56 percent of those surveyed supported casinos and 47 percent supported sports betting, which included 1,600 “likely” Texas voters. The only issue that those surveyed are slightly against is buying sports books directly from professional sports stadiums. 토토사이트

The poll was released at a time when the Texas Destination Alliance began rallying support. The alliance, supported by the Las Vegas Sands, claims Texans spend $5 billion annually on “out-of-state entertainment.”

In other news…
SportsTrade went live from Iowa on Thursday (May 2) in partnership with Wild Rose Casino & Hotel, the third U.S. market for an independent startup after Colorado and New Jersey. “SportsTrade is not just some old sports book,” said Alex Cain, founder and CEO. “We have a constant mission to change how athletes think about sports betting … Sportstrade will be attractive to sports bettors who want a premium betting experience, higher limits, better pricing, and concierge care.”

Sports betting creator platform Sovet Wednesday (May 1) announced $3.7 million in seed funding from Third Kind Venture Capital. Sovet brings together well-known betting content creators under one roof, and consumers pay monthly subscriptions to access dozens of voices. Founder Cooper Laikan said the goal is to “become a one-stop shop for sports reporting, analysis, and entertainment.”

On Tuesday (April 30), CNBC reported that Dave & Busters is ready to allow betting on its arcade games. The company will offer customers 18 and older the opportunity to increase their loyalty, and will place a cap on how much they can bet.

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