Kim Soyeon, a spunky freshman who brought change to Kangwon National University

Kim So-yeon (20, 170 cm) leads the team with a strong all-around performance on offense.

Kangwon National University lost 37-66 against Suwon National University in the 2024 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Kangwon National University Gymnasium on Monday.

After going winless last season and finishing in last place, Kangwon has already won two games this season. In particular, freshman forward Kim So-yeon has been a standout performer. Kim has been the spearhead of the offense during the winning streak, 온라인카지노 scoring double-digit points in every game.

Her performance continued against Suwon University. The Kangwon National University hosted Suwon University and played a seesaw game with Kim and Han Jimin leading the way until the middle of the game.

Kim started off with her trademark long-range three-pointers and continued to create offensive points with steals and assists. She was also a force on defense, never letting her energy level drop from the tip-off until the buzzer sounded.

Against Suwon University, Kim joined Choi Seul-ki as the team’s top scorers, recording a double-double with 13 points, 10 rebounds, and two steals.

Despite playing organized basketball with a five-person team and the outstanding performance of Kim So-yeon, Kangwon has had to face the physical burden. Currently, Gangwon is suffering from a severe power leak due to injuries.

Against Suwon University, the five players in the starting lineup played the full 40 minutes without a single substitution.

After the game, Kim So-yeon said, “I’m not used to losing all the time. I told my sisters that even if we don’t win, we shouldn’t go in with a loss. The coach has always supported the way I play. Even though the result was not good, I was able to finish the process in a good way,” Kim reflected on the match.

Despite being a first-year student, Kim’s shoulders are now quite heavy.

With the loss of Choi Seo-yeon, who can play inside and outside, and Kim Ji-hyun, who guards the basket, to injury, the team’s offensive options have become limited. Under less favorable circumstances, Kim So-yeon, who was a top scorer at Cheongju Girls’ High School, has made her mark on the offense despite being a freshman.

In addition to scoring, she is making her presence felt in many areas, including ball carrying, play assembly, defense, and hustle play. Playing a variety of roles in a full 40 minutes of action puts a lot of pressure on her physically.

“I wasn’t a true No. 1 until high school,” Kim said. It’s been difficult and challenging to change positions recently. It’s awkward because I’ve never played it before, but my professors, sisters, and coach have been very supportive, so I’m adjusting well.”

As mentioned above, Kim’s role on the court as the main ball handler has become more important due to the loss of several key players. However, as she said, she is now wearing a suit of armor she has never worn before: the armor of a field commander.

“First of all, when I get the ball, I want to look at my offense first. Even from the bench, she calls for breakthroughs, and I try to participate as confidently as possible. I’m also trying to make fewer mistakes,” she explained.

One of Kim’s strengths is her three-point shot from any distance. Currently, Kim is second in the league in three-point percentage at 37.5 percent, behind Hwang Chae-yeon of Pusan National University.

In addition to her jumper, she also has a hedging move and a breakaway finish.

“When I prepare for my offense, I usually practice drive-ins first and foremost. I also practice my three-point shot from a longer distance than the line,” Kim said.

Kim’s team, Kangwon National University, was a new team last season and is currently in its second year in 2024. The team hasn’t yet stabilized its power, so it often shows ups and downs in its performance. It’s not uncommon for them to lose to strong teams.

They’ve played countless games since they started playing elite basketball, but a game with a wide margin of victory can be mentally shaking for the players themselves.

“Sometimes the score gets close and the mood gets bad, and as a first-year player, I try to cheer them up by clapping and patting them on the back,” Kim said.