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Pyeongchang County-Gunsan Athletic Association helps host successful Geumgangdae Middle School Football Tournament

Behind the successful conclusion of the 2023 Geumgangdae National Middle School Football Tournament, hosted by the Gangwon Minjoo Ilbo and the Korea Football Association and sponsored by Hiwon Resort, in Pyeongchang from March 24 to 6, there are behind-the-scenes workers who have made the tournament a success.

The Pyeongchang County Sports Association (Chairman Ji Hyung-jin) and the Pyeongchang County Government Sports Promotion Team worked closely with the organizers, the Gangwon Minjoo Ilbo and the Korea Football Association, to meticulously prepare for the tournament, including inspecting stadium facilities and providing support for surrounding amenities. They also requested cooperation from each town and village to ensure that there were no problems with the provision of stadiums so that the participating teams could have enough practice. During the tournament, Pyeongchang United’s guest room was made available to referees when there was a shortage of referee waiting rooms, allowing them to watch the games comfortably in the hot weather.

The Pyeongchang County Government Sports Promotion Team not only provided active administrative support, including security, to ensure the success of the tournament every year, but also visited the stadium every day to ensure the smooth running of the tournament, working together with the staff of the Military Sports Association. They also checked on the inconveniences of players, parents, and spectators to ensure that the tournament ran comfortably and smoothly. “I am happy that the Geumgangdae National Middle School Football Tournament was successfully concluded here in Pyeongchang,” said Chairman Ji Hyung-jin. “We will do our best to make the tournament even safer and more comfortable next year, and to create a festive venue.” “We will continue to provide administrative support for the successful organization of the tournament,” said Kim Yong-hee, head of the Sports Promotion Team at the Pyeongchang County Office. “In addition to Geumgangdae, we plan to benchmark other cities and counties and establish strategies to attract national tournaments.” 파워볼사이트