Modern pentathlon “We are responsible for the first gold medal!”

In the Hangzhou Asian Games, which are approaching in the next 50 days, our team’s first gold medal is likely to be modern pentathlon. Athletes are spending this hot summer with the goal of winning four gold medals and winning all events.

The modern pentathlon team’s day starts at 5:30 in the morning.

Repeat shooting after sprinting for 600m, and after running 15km for 2 hours,

[Choi Eun-jong/Modern pentathlon national team coach: Let’s pull one more second!]

The reason I put on icing gel and dip my feet in the ice box is to run again.먹튀검증

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern Pentathlon National Representative: Since it is still early in the morning, I tend to do it consistently (by dipping my feet in an ice box) with the feeling that I should recover my legs more and finish afternoon and morning training well.] Swimming, fencing, and horseback

riding After that, you have to sweat for more than 9 hours until night weight training to end the long day.

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national representative: You saw it. I’m training from 5:30 now…]

[Jeong Jin-hwa/Modern Pentathlon National Representative: I only shower 4 times a day. No. 4!]

Modern pentathlon is expected to be the first gold medal event for our team, as medals are given out the day after the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Jung Jin-hwa/Modern pentathlon national representative: We modern pentathlon players must make the first start well so that the rest of the athletes can receive that energy…] In the last competition, where there was only an individual exhibition, two male and female athletes participated, and all of them won medals around their necks

. However, this time, a team event was held, so the number of participating players increased to 4 male and female, and it is possible to win up to 4 gold medals and win all events.

Our athletes, all eight of whom have world-class skills, compete in good faith in the individual event


In the team event, I am determined to join forces and fly the national flag in the sky of Hangzhou.

[Jeon Woong-tae/Modern pentathlon national representative: It would be good if you look forward to seeing such a wonderful appearance of all the Korean (modern pentathlon) players climbing the podium.

] Eun Lim Chan-hyuk)