SoftGaming Platform Wins Italian B2B Certification

SoftGaming’s Platform once again demonstrated a firm commitment and commitment to delivering high quality. By successfully obtaining B2B certification, SoftGamings’ brand companies are legally empowered to deliver a full range of services in Italy, including dynamic self-service, white label, and turnkey solutions. 파친코

In the near future, Italian B2B companies will have access to SoftGaming’s platform-specific APIs, which will seamlessly integrate with various leading game content providers. This will make it easier for Italian companies to integrate top-quality gaming content into their platforms.

Artem Ustinov, Head of White Label and Turnkey Solutions at SoftGames, said, “We are eagerly looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Italy’s new certified Italian B2B company. We are committed to delivering the iGaming market with outstanding software solutions that will drive the growth of online casino companies. The new partnership will further enhance our reputation as a trusted and skilled partner in the iGaming industry.”

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