SmartSoft is the official sponsor of the Argentine soccer team

Since 2015, SmartSoft Gaming has quickly emerged as a leading provider of cutting-edge casino gaming content, working with companies in more than 70 countries and becoming a major provider of a wide range of gaming content.

SmartSoft Gaming officially joined forces with the Argentine national team on Oct. 20. This is the first European contract of the Argentine Football Association, with the main aim of building stronger ties and bringing Argentina closer to the European Union.

Guga Gotsadze, managing partner of SmartSoft, said, “We embark on another prosperous journey that combines passion and excellence with the magic of Argentine football. It is truly amazing to be the first B2B company in all of Europe to receive digital sponsorship from the Argentine national team. This partnership will take our company to unprecedented heights.”

Claudio Tapia, president of AFA, said, “It’s amazing that SmartSoft is our digital sponsor. We have been developing strategic strategies for the association to improve the team’s global fan base relationship. Our main goals are the development of marketing and business initiatives and our engagement in important global activities. Cooperation with SmartSoft will undoubtedly help our efforts to develop and strengthen these relationships in the EU.” 슬롯머신

SmartSoft will make its official European market debut with a new identity at SIGMA Europe in Malta. The latter, which runs from Nov. 13-17, is the 20th iGaming event of the year for the Argentine team’s digital sponsor. SmartSoft’s active participation in this event is aimed at expanding their community of partners.

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