Samsung, which has entered the game, is about to appoint Lee Jong-yeol as its new head…Hong Joon-hak is stepping down

A big whirlwind will hit the Samsung Lions in 2024. Samsung’s appointment of Lee Jong-yeol, the new head of Samsung, is imminent. Hong Joon-hak, who led the club for more than seven years from 2016, will step down from the front line.

According to MK Sports, Samsung plans to announce the appointment of Lee Jong-yeol as its new head soon. A baseball official hinted, “The Samsung club recently decided to appoint Lee Jong-yeol as the new head after an interview with a group of candidates for the new head.”

Asked about the appointment of the new head on October 10, a Samsung club official said, “There is nothing official to say at the club level because the team’s executives are proceeding with the related contents.”

Samsung is in eighth place in the league with 60 wins, 1 draw and 80 losses this season. Although it was an ambitious start to the season with the appointment of coach Park Jin-man, Samsung is set to finish the season with disappointing performance as it has struggled in the bottom half throughout the season. 카지노사이트 순위

After ranking second in the regular season in the 2021 season, Samsung failed to stop its decline to seventh place in the league with the resignation of former coach Huh Sam-young in the middle of the 2022 season. Coach Park Jin-man also prepared for this season with the goal of advancing to the quarterfinals of the fall baseball league, but the rebound in team rankings did not come out at the end.

In the end, since the middle of this season, the team’s leadership has become more responsible. The parent group also conducted a detailed inspection of the overall operation of the club.

Hong Joon-hak, a former club frontman, took over as the general manager after the end of the 2016 season and led the team for a long time. After Hong’s inauguration, Samsung failed to advance to the fall baseball league for four consecutive years, and then went straight to the playoffs as second place in the regular season of the 2021 season.

The moment when he lost to KT WIZ in the regular season’s winning tiebreaker home game was painful. In the end, Samsung failed to advance to the Korean Series after losing to the Doosan Bears in the 2021 season playoffs with a series record of 1-2 losses.

Rumors spread to the baseball community at the end of this season that general manager Hong Joon-hak will step down from the front line. In addition, it is known that interviews with candidates for the new leader have recently been conducted at the parent group level.

Commentator Lee Jong-yeol, who is about to be appointed as the new head of the team, has long served as a coach for the national team along with a commentator. Lee, who joined the LG Twins in 1991 and started his professional career, is a one-club man who played only in LG until 2009.

Lee began his leadership career at LG in 2010. Lee, who has been a commentator on SBS SPORTS since 2015, has also served as a national team power analyst and defensive coach (2019 Premier 12, 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games). In KBO, he also gained experience as a technical committee member, a training committee member, a talent donation committee member, and a power reinforcement committee member.

Samsung is a data expert with various experiences in the KBO and the national team and seems to have decided to appoint the new head of the team by highly evaluating Lee Jong-won. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jong-yeol will be able to become a savior to lead the reconstruction of the Samsung Dynasty, which began to fall to the bottom of the 10,000th century.

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