“Bayern Munich is playing a dangerous game.”

Kim Min-jae also had to play for the Korean national team at the invitation of Jürgen Klinsmann. After a match against Singapore in Seoul on June 16, he moved to China and played in the match against China on June 21. Naturally, both matches were full-time starting times. Kim Min-jae then moved to Cologne and played without a break.

In other words, he made half of the world rounds during the November A-match period alone. “Kim Min-jae travels again half the world. He literally travels more than 20,000 kilometers by plane,” Germany’s TZ said. “He travels more than 20,000 kilometers by plane. He needs 40,000 kilometers to completely travel around the world. This usually doesn’t matter to Kim, who is called a monster. But he has a lot of fatigue. And there are traces of him.”

Nevertheless, he pointed out the reality that he has no choice but to play in the match against Cologne. “Monster Kim Min-jae is one of the players who plays a lot this season. Not enough rest time is noticeable. Munich has to play in Cologne with Kim Min-jae, who arrived tired after the A-match break,” he said. “It is a hell of a schedule. Bayern Munich is playing a dangerous game.” 토토사이트

As expected, Munich’s unilateral attack development took place, with one or two shots ahead of the game. Munich failed to score the first goal in the early hours of the 7th minute when Kane’s right foot shot in front of the goal was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper Schwabe.

Later, Bayern Munich relieved Kim Min-jae of its chest after suffering from a painful injury. When his opponent raised a long ball from the back, he jumped to fight but fell sharply due to Lynton, the second-line home striker. Kim Min-jae shouted and complained of pain for a while, and after waking up, he touched his waist to check the injured area. Fortunately, he came to his senses and went around the ground.

Bayern Munich scored the first goal in the 20th minute of the first half to provide a clue to regain the lead. World class striker Kane was at the center of the goal. Bayern Munich intercepted Lynton’s ball and attempted a counterattack, and Sane, who was holding the ball from the left side of the penalty area, fired a diagonal shot with his right foot. Schwabe cleared it with his reflexes, but the ball fell exquisitely in front of Kane, who was on the other side. A shot was made that suited the expression that Kane was hit by the ball on his right foot, and eventually became a goal.

In the end, Bayern Munich won the game against Cologne, which had a wide gap of power. However, the team had an unstable lead by one point. As Cologne’s pressure intensified at the last minute, Tuchel decided not to use any replacement cards. All 11 starting players played until the closing whistle was called. As a result, Munich finished the game without losing a point and won 1-0.

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