Russian casino mafia caused a Stir

Our nonsense detectors work immediately when it comes to phrases like “ensure to work” or “ensure to win” in relation to Latrick’s book. It sounds very tempting to think that slot machines can be deceived. But now that there are hundreds of German pages that promise tips and tips, especially for the Novolan classic raser, we’ve looked more closely.

The recent incident of the Russian casino mafia caused a stir. Thanks to the deciphering of random number generators, gangs were actually able to rob millions of casinos. But in addition to high criminal energy, it also requires professional knowledge, computer scientists, and many expensive equipment. So everything the average player doesn’t have. With great effort, scammers were able to predict when a particular machine would make a profit.

In another case, the circuit board of the slot machine has been modified in such a way that a particular key combination actually guarantees a win. It’s particularly explosive. It is said that none other than the Gazelleman Group (Merkur) is responsible for this. The sacrifice of the Novomatic form is no less prominent. But here, too, we had to manipulate the software on the slot machine first. Defendant “Aliti,” who previously worked as a security consultant for Gazelman and Novomatic, naturally had completely different requirements. 경마

If fabricated software is actually still used on slot machines, you will know very little about it on the Internet. Typically, all slot machines are monitored to ensure that payment is correct immediately.

Another case from the United States is also known. Here the players got along perfectly well without manipulation. A manufacturer’s video poker machine offered an option to increase its stake later in certain situations. The previous two examples are obviously cheating, but here two smart players just exploit the bug. You can check everything in English.

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