Man City DF surprised by SON, thankful to ‘backup’ GK for stopping

Tottenham lost 0-2 in the 2023-2024 English Premier League (PL) match against Manchester City held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on May 15, 2024.
With the loss on this day, Tottenham recorded 63 points with only one game remaining, widening the point gap with 4th place Aston Villa (68 points) to 5 points, eliminating the possibility of a reversal in the rankings.

In the end, Tottenham and Son Heung-min’s return to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) is scheduled for next season.
Tottenham created a sensation at the beginning of this season with 8 wins and 2 draws in 10 league games under manager Enzi Postekoglou, but their strength has fallen sharply since the middle of the season.

In particular, losing in the hellish four-game series of Newcastle-Arsenal-Liverpool-Chelsea ultimately hindered them.
On the other hand, Manchester City recorded 88 points with one game left, widening the gap with second place Arsenal (86 points) to 2 points.

With only one game left, Manchester City can secure the league championship on their own by winning only the remaining home game against West Ham.
On this day, contrary to expectations, Tottenham fought on equal footing with Manchester City through unorthodox tactics.

He attacked his opponent harshly by going 4-2-2-2 with zero top.
However, my decision-making power was disappointing.

They were unable to capitalize on numerous opportunities in the first half as they continued to give up opportunities due to Ederson’s saves.

Son Heung-min also showed some disappointment in the front line.

In particular, the most disappointing moment was in the 40th minute of the second half, when Johnson’s active pressure led to a mistake by opposing defender Akanji and resulted in a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper.

However, his shot was blocked by Ortega, who replaced Ederson.
In fact, Son Heung-min shot 4 shots, the most in the game for both teams.

He had enough chances, but failed to finish.
Two of them were effective shots, but both failed to finish.

On the other hand, Manchester City’s Holland was in full swing.
In the 6th minute of the second half, Holland caught De Bruyne’s stab and fired a direct shot, leading to the first goal.

In the end, it was a match where it was safe to say that the difference in the decision-making power of these aces was even.
In addition, Holland scored multiple goals by completing a penalty kick taken by Jeremy Doku, who was substituted in extra time in the second half.

He was Manchester City’s first scorer in Tottenham’s league away trip and also scored his first multiple goals.

Son Heung-min’s goal chance failed

Because it was a perfect goal chance, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola also appeared embarrassed at this scene.
He shouted in confusion as Johnson cut the ball away from Manchester City’s half and raced away.

Coach Guardiola lay down in the technical area as if he sensed that Son Heung-min would catch the ball and run 1-1 but concede a goal.
However, when Son Heung-min’s finish failed, Coach Guardiola lay down and breathed a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Son Heung-min had a clear mixture of joy and sorrow as he covered his face and blamed himself.
In many ways, Son Heung-min had to hang his head as he missed a decisive opportunity, as seen in Guardiola’s expression.

Akanji Interview with Man City website

Akanji, who was completely left out of Son Heung-min’s goal, said in an interview with Manchester City’s website, “Honestly, it was not an easy game. When I realized that I had given up a perfect scoring opportunity to the opposing ace, I froze at that moment. I just prayed earnestly that the goal would not be scored. “He recalled.

If one were to make a mistake, Manchester City’s chances of winning could have disappeared.
Despite Akinji’s mistake, goalkeeper Ortega, who was brought in as a substitute, jumped forward and blocked Son Heung-min’s shot, overcoming the risk of conceding a goal.

Akinji expressed his gratitude, saying, “Honestly, Ortega saved us.”
Akinji said, “Against a player like Son Heung-min, I should have made a quick and easy decision and kicked the ball, but I played too hard and made an error. After the game, I immediately ran to Ortega and thanked him for making a great save and saving my life.” I confessed about the moment I had.

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