Players have the opportunity to bet on one or all of the numbers and symbols above. After the bet is complete, the host turns the wheel. The winner of the bet receives the original bet back in addition to the appropriate payment.

For example, a player who bet $5 on a winning 5 will receive five times the original bet ($5) and the total prize of $30 ($25).

Just like the board game version, Chance can have as many positive results as you want. (If Chance is a cash prize, the bettor who bets on the spin gets the prize.) It’s usually between 5 and 100 times the size of the bet.

If the host turns the wheel for the second time, this time a multiplier of 2 to 5 times is activated. However, no additional bets are allowed on the second spin, so unlike the slot game’s free-spin feature, the initial bet is fixed on the second round

Finally, two roll and four roll cards open the way to the one and only 3D bonus feature hosted by Monopoly. Perhaps the coolest part of this feature is that the roll of the dice involved is live from the studio and no RNG or virtual dice is involved! 경마사이트

This particular bonus feature has the potential to pay huge dividends thanks to the possibility of getting double multipliers. Over the course of testing, we saw some squares pay 450 times the size of their bet. Paying $2250 for a $5 bet isn’t too shabby!

Overall, the title offers 96.23% RTP and is advantageous over most slot games, but is pushed on house edge and streamed 24/7 compared to baccarat and best roulette odds.

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