Park Eun-bin, Sol Kyung-gu to star in new medical thriller drama

Cast members of the upcoming TV series 'Hyper Knife' are shown in this compilation of photos provided by each actor's respective agencies, April 5. Yonhap

Park Eun-bin and Sol Kyung-gu have been cast in the upcoming medical crime series “Hyper Knife,” its production company said Friday.The series, which has begun filming, portrays the confrontation and growth of two genius doctors, the once-promising young doctor Se-ok and her mentor Deok-hee, as they reunite, according to Blaad Studios under CJ ENM Studios.Park, known for her title role in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” portrays Se-ok, a doctor who was once hailed as a genius but now leads a clandestine life as a shadow doctor in illegal operating rooms.

Sol, a veteran actor from “Kill Boksoon,” plays Deok-hee, one of the world’s greatest neurosurgeons, who permanently expelled Se-ok from the operating room.The drama will be directed by Kim Jung-hyun, known for helming tvN’s 2020-2021 thriller drama “Awaken.”Further details about the new series, 슬롯놀이터 including its broadcasting schedules, have not yet been announced. 

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