Osmar, who left Seoul, returns to the K League in a surprise move! E-Land will wear a uniform

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market said, “Seoul E-Land is close to recruiting Osmar. An announcement will be made soon when the detailed coordination is completed.” Osmar, who belatedly took a vacation due to his future condition, is expected to return to Korea early next month to sign an autograph. As a result, Osmar, who seemed to leave the K-League on the 21st, will continue to play in the K-League next season. 바카라

Osmar’s contract with Seoul expired at the end of this year. Osmar was a “Seoul legend” that needed no explanation. He joined Seoul in 2014 and spent nine years in Seoul until last season, except when he was loaned to Cerezo Osaka in 2018. As of the time Osmar joined the team, Ko Yo-han, is the only player who has played more seasons in Seoul.

Osmar played in 344 games for the past nine years, setting a new record for the most appearance by a foreign player in the club’s history. In 2016, when Seoul won the league for the last time, he became the first foreign captain of a club in Seoul. Young Korean players called him Osmar and followed him with confidence. He proactively cared for foreign players. He was a strong supporter both inside and outside the stadium.

With multi-talented ability that can handle both defensive midfielder and center back, he displayed his presence through de-pressing based on outstanding techniques, passability, and clever defense based on intelligence. However, he could not resist the passage of time. As he got older, his speed, which he already lacked, has further declined. Under the new coach Kim Ki-dong, who values speed and athleticism, most people say that he cannot be appointed as an intermediary. Seoul has decided not to renew the contract with Osmar after much consideration. He informed Osmar of his team’s decision, and the player himself accepted the decision.

Seoul has prepared all the respectful arrangements for Osmar, who is leaving the airport. The door was left open for Osmar, the leader of the national team. He conveyed to the players that he would like to accompany him if he were to walk the path of a leader after retirement. Osmar is preparing for a second career in soccer by taking KFA leadership training in Korea. Seoul fans also saw off Osmar at Incheon International Airport on Sunday when he left the airport. Nearly 100 Seoul fans gathered despite the fact that it was late at night. Go Yo-han, a colleague of the same age as the Seoul front desk, also visited the airport. He looked like an immigration scene of a popular Korean national team star. The fans greeted Osmar, and he took out his mobile phone and filmed the fans.

At first, Osmar was most likely to go to Keda of Malaysia. However, there was a huge reversal in the last minute. With only the last step left, E-Land jumped in. E-Land, under the new leadership of Kim Do-kyun, launched a massive recruitment for promotion. The top priority was also stabilizing the defense. Kim found a player to center the defense and picked Osmar. When E-Land sent an active love call, Osmar changed his mind. It was Osmar who had originally felt sorry about leaving Korea. His family was also very satisfied with life in Korea. When E-Land opened the way for his return to Korea, Osmar accepted the offer. Negotiations went fast.

Of course, Osmar will play in the second K-League, but he will continue his career in Korea next year. Although his skills have declined, he still has a class that can play for another year or two. E-Land’s power has been upgraded further by recruiting a proven foreign player named Osmar. Kim plans to use Osmar as the centerpiece of defense or midfield. E-Land, which has Osmar, plans to complete the blueprint for promotion by recruiting additional strikers such as frontline strikers.

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