Newville still laments WSOP main event final table exit

When Neville was pushed to seventh place in the Poker Main Event World Series on Sunday night, the way he showed in the interview was impressive. He talked about how much he loved the game. He politely thanked WSOP, fans, dealers, and even the media.

“I will remember the last two months as one of the best dreams of my life and forget the last few hours and use two cards,” he said.

But when he caught up with the 72-year-old Belgian at a breakfast in Rio’s All-Sweet Hotel & Casino on Tuesday morning, he admitted it was harder than he expected to have a disappointing finish behind him.

“I’m okay physically, but mentally I’m really struggling to get back to 100 percent,” he admitted. “It’s hard because I didn’t do my best in the biggest poker tournament of my life. I had a good strategy and I didn’t follow it 100 percent. I made my share of mistakes and had some bad luck. It was hard to overcome.” 바카라

Now, before you start to feel sorry for Neville, keep in mind that he enjoyed an amazing life journey and added $1.2 million to his career income of over $3 million. Anyway, Neville wasn’t looking for sympathy.

“I’m okay, but I’m more disappointed in my family and the people around me,” he said. “I was so optimistic. I really thought I could win and take care of everyone around me, my family, children, grandchildren, and my charity. There are people in Belgium who might have had their lives changed if I won. So I feel bad for all those people. I feel bad because I didn’t do better.”

Neville said he hasn’t played poker or watched many finals since he retired, and said it would be too hard for him. He also said he isn’t especially rooting for anyone to win.

“They are all very good players,” said Neuville, who was trying to become the oldest main event winner of the Nov. 9 era. “I wish them all the best, but for me it doesn’t really matter who wins.”

Neuville and his family visited the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas on Monday and were also planning a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon before flying home Thursday.

“I have never imagined such a bad result,” he said. “My problem is that I was too optimistic. This was about poker. It was about me disappointing people. But I will come back. And I will run again. But now I am very disappointed.”

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